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What is your type, guys? Post your answer in the comments section and use three to five words or more to describe them. 

If you are curious about what other gay/bi men’s types are, we have gathered some of their thoughts. And one guy, for example, revealed that he is into guys who are: “intelligent, compassionate, and like-minded;” while another said: “kind, funny, and supportive.”

There seem to be a high demand for funny guys as there were several responses mentioning them: “funny, nerdy, cute;” or “funny, hairy, sweet;” and there was also: “intelligent, funny, handsome” among many others.

But do people really have a dating “type?” 

According to a study conducted by Yoobin Park and Geoff MacDonald in 2019 and as discussed by Psychology Today, yes, people do have a “type” when it comes to personality. 

Psychology Today said that Park’s and MacDonald’s study showed, and we quote:

There was a significant link between the current and ex-partners’ personalities, even when adjusting for similarity to the respondent themselves. In fact, the results showed that on average, the unique association between your personality and your partner’s is as strong as the unique association between your current partner’s personality and your ex’s personality.

But is this true for everyone? 

Park’s and MacDonald’s study found that yes, some people are very consistent when it comes to the type of people they date. Others, however, “might date many different types of people” specifically those who are moody and those who are the anxious kind as they have a propensity to choose “less desirable partners and to date people who were less similar to themselves.” In addition, people of this kind, Park’s and MacDonald’s study revealed, have been consistently associated with relationship problems such as “conflict, jealousy, and lack of forgiveness.” Read the article in full here.

What about you, guys? What words would you use to describe the type of person that you like to date? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below and visit onelink.to/adam4adam using your phone, to download Adam4Adam app!

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