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Hey, guys! What are your craziest, wildest hookup stories?

Some gay men are sharing theirs on the AGB sub on Reddit. The original poster (OP) asked, “In no more than one sentence, what is the story that, if you told it on the AGB sub, people would most likely accuse you of making up?” OP then shared that he got hit up once by “someone who said his partner, who was traveling for work at the time, had fucked me and had ‘recommended’ my bottoming skills if he needed to get off while the boyfriend was gone.”

“I’ve fucked 2 different guys that I later found out my brother got to first,” a gay man confessed.

On the other hand, somebody shared: “When I was in Turkey, I visited a local hammam (it’s a Turkish bath house where you are washed by male bath attendants (tellaks)) and had spontaneous sex with the young bath attendant behind the curtain in a private washing booth without knowing his name or understanding his language, while other visitors were in the main steam room.” He then added, “For context, I was 23 and he was similar age or a bit younger.”

Another guy said, “I’ve hooked up with probably 8ish straight guys who live straight lives and most of my encounters were total fantasy material settings like drunken camping, being stuck late at the office with the boss, and my personal fave – getting my mouth used by two friends separately in the bathroom at a house party unbeknownst to them both about each other.” Then, he added, “Breaking the rules to add a second sentence to simply acknowledge, yes, I was (or still am) a slut.”

Further, someone revealed, “I was once hanging with a guy and went under his blanket to blow him, was in the middle of it and his mom (who knew I was there) came in, asked a question and talked to him for like two minutes while I just kept sucking.”

If it were you, would you continue blowing your friend?

Meanwhile, another guy replied, “My ex-boyfriend gave me syphillis and then had the audacity to say that it was actually me that was sleeping around 🙃 gaslighting to the MAX.”

Having said all that, what about you, guys? What’s your most unbelievable hookup story in one sentence? Comment below!

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