News: Gus Kenworthy Is Now Single

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After four year together, Olympian Gus Kenworthy and actor Matthew Wilkas have split up “amicably.” This was confirmed by a representative of the couple to People. According to the rep, Kenworthy, 27, and Wilkas, 41, “remain close friends: and that they still “love and support each other.”

Kenworthy and Wilkas first got in touch with each other through Instagram, after Kenworthy sent the actor a direct message on the app. Kenworthy had previously seen Wilkas in the movie Gayby, and said that he found him “funny and cute.”

Kenworthy talked to People about how the two of them followed each other on Instagram, saying: “I remembered his name, and then a little while later on the popular page of Instagram his profile came up — and he makes these really stupid little videos on his Instagram, but they’re very funny and they’re very endearing and so I followed him and he followed me back.” 

Before this breakup announcement, it was more than a month since both were feature in each other’s Instagram feeds. Last month, Kenworthy and Wilkas participated in the AIDS/LifeCycle 2019. The pair, along with more than 2,000 cyclists, went on a week-long 545-mile trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles. On his Instagram, Wilkas thanked all those who donated to the campaign, and trumpeted the $17 million raised by AIDS/LifeCycle.

“I will never forget this week and I’m so proud for all that has been accomplished,” he wrote.

The couple also drew attention during the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea, when the pair shared a kiss before Kenworthy’s qualifying run. In an interview with Time, Wilkas minimized the kiss, saying it was more “like a peck,” but admitted that it was probably historic.

“It’s unusual, right?” Wilkas said to the magazine. “It’s good that it’s televised because it normalizes it more. I would imagine it would be a huge moment for a young gay kid to see an awesome athlete so open and proud of himself and not caring what anyone thinks of his sexuality.”

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  1. Matt

    So the gay drama has played out and there is no more bang for the spectacle. Two people that are already on the verge of being “Who?” when someone mentions their names.

      • jim

        Perhaps Dave, but no everyone is a celebrity follower. I for example am grounded in the real world, and have a life that doesn’t involve tv or celebrities. No offence but they are in no way important enough to me of my life.

    • Dave

      Hennnnny, they are very known in the gay sphere… not my fault if you don’t know them.
      One is an Olympic athlete and one is an actor.

  2. Hunter0500

    “DAVE Reply
    Hennnnny, they are very known in the gay sphere…”

    That’s the point. After appropriating the Olympics to further the LGTBQ agenda, Gus faded shortly thereafter and Matthew has had a some news in acting. But neither has stepped into the everyday mainstream. And now they’re only noteworthy because of ending their gay relationship. Couples end relationships every day…without the media noticing. This ending is similarly uneventful.

    • Dave

      Good why are you reading it and commenting a 7 lines paragraph on it then? lol
      I think you love them and really care about their breakup!

  3. Mike

    I lost all respect for Gus when he appropriated the Olympics not only for his LGBT agenda, but for his political agenda. Nothing I hate more that athletes politicizing something that was created to transcend politics.

  4. Lamar

    It’s not always easy to stay in-love, sometimes you out-grow each other, at-least, it lasted as long as it did! Additionally, I think that it’s great they still love each other as supportive friends, too, there’s a great deal of value in that.

  5. KevInPDX

    This is noteworthy because they are gay, out, “public persons”. There are very, very, very few out athletes at any level and few out gay folks in the entertainment industry. They said “F’it” and live their lives honestly and openly regardless of if it hurts their career. The media exposure of their career and relationship is good for the LGBTQ community. Beyond that, yes, who cares.

  6. Mike M

    So they didn’t try the open relationship thingy? I had an open relationship once in SF. Unfortunately I wasn’t aware of it at the time……

  7. buz

    Suppose it’s interesting that both men are accomplished in their fields. But in the end who really cares. Surprised how many responses this got. Including from me…

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