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Trans Rights: Celebrating Trans Lives this Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV) 2019

(Photo Credits: Frangeli88 [CC BY-SA 4.0])

Today—March 31, 2019—is the 10th International Transgender Day of Visibility founded by Rachel Crandall, a Michigan-based transgender activist, in 2009. It’s an annual observance dedicated to celebrating transgender people worldwide “and the courage it takes to live openly and authentically” while at the same time, highlighting the discrimination that they continue to face. 

But how does one support or participate in Transgender Day of Visibility (TDoV)? We’ve listed some ways for you: 

  • Attend local Transgender Day of Visibility events 
  • Donate or volunteer at organizations that promote transgender equality. Click here for the list.
  • Talk about why they need more visibility. Blog, tweet, spread awareness by writing about the celebration and the transgender community on social media. 
  • Educate yourself about gender expression, emotional attraction, trans-friendly pronouns, sex assigned at birth, gender identity, trans terminology, and sexuality. 
  • Yes, it’s TDoV, but don’t out your trans friends without their permission as it’s not safe for them.

Adam4Adam members who wish to know more about this day and about the transgender community in general, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has put together a list of resource materials for everyone to read. Click here.

Also, find out below what the community is saying on social media about the celebrations today:

We leave you with this video of a trans military couple who advocates for the transgender community’s right to exist.

Happy Transgender Day of Visibility!

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  1. Don Anthony

    My heart goes out for the Transgender community, particularly in Brasil. I read an article about a Brasilian transgender, Dandara Dos Santos, who was beaten then shot to death in Fortaleza 2017. You can watch the video of her being brutally attacked by a group of young men if you google her name. But be prepare to break down after seeing it !

  2. anonimatovato

    While the intention of coming out is good, I don’t think it’s safe yet to be fully out as trans. Attacks and deaths still occur to this day. And I don’t like using the word ‘Toxic Masculinity’, but most of those guys act batshit crazy when they find out their partner is trans. Nothing excuses taking another life away just because you don’t like transwomen as romantic and sexual partner. Yes I do believe transwomen should be honest about themselves when dating guys, but again, nothing excuses violence.

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