Matthew Camp, one of Adam4Adam’s ambassadors, is now the proud co-owner of the leading queer fashion brand today: Daddy Couture. Camp has a loyal band of followers both on Instagram (almost 600k strong) and OnlyFans not to mention he’s always had this creative and entrepreneurial spirit, having created and designed his own perfumes and clothes in the past. 

The other co-owner is Rebecca More. She became a viral star and an instant gay icon in 2018 after her hilarious memeable promotional video with Sophie Anderson went viral on Twitter thanks to its memorable quote, “We’re Fucking Cock Destroyers.” 

The two of them has previously modelled for Daddy Coutureand More also partnered with this queer fashion brand before for her famous “Cock Destroyer” tee. Apart from their role as owners, both Camp and More will also “serve as creative directors and spokespeople, infusing their own brand of wit and sexiness into the sophomore apparel line’s branding.” They said in a joint statement to Adam4Adam, “We’re thrilled to be joining the leadership of Daddy Couture. We believe that there’s nothing sexier than confidence and owning every inch of your identity, which is why Daddy Couture’s mantra of ‘Unleash Your Inner Extra’ speaks so personally to both of us. We’re excited to add even more humor, style, and sex appeal to the world of queer fashion and beyond!”

Daddy Couture was established in May 2018 and, according to Forbes, their “signature illustrated designs range from cheeky to subversive.” They have a fresh and impressive number of merchandise to choose from be it caps, undies, tees, and hoodies to help sexually empower both the LGBT community and its allies alike. Daddy Couture’s mission is to help its customers “own their inner-daddy” regardless of “age, gender, or how they get down in bed.” 

Check out Daddy Couture’s full collection on their Instagram official account:

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