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Following viral hashtags like “boy math” and “girl math” on social media, the term “gay math” has recently gained traction across TikTok and Instagram. Content creators are offering humorous explanations of this concept in relatable ways.

Uly, from the popular UlyandErnesto TikTok account, broke it down simply. In a video garnering over two million views, he joked that “a one-month relationship in gay man equals five years,” while for lesbians “a one-month relationship…equals one month. But they’ve been living together for three weeks and already own a cat.”

We’ve curated some of the wittiest examples spreading online to help provide context around this light-hearted trend. Through amusing memes, netizens showcase their perspectives on the nuances of romantic timelines and partnership norms within the LGBTQ+ community in a way many find relatable and enjoyable. While meant as lighthearted cultural commentary rather than scientific analysis, “gay math” videos offer viewers a humorous glimpse into diverse lived experiences that make gay life so unique and wonderful.

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Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what Girl Math and Boy Math are, according to Know Your Meme:

Girl Math and Boy Math are slang terms referring to a series of jokes that were popularized on TikTok and Twitter / X in the summer of 2023 about how women and men fudge or misvalue certain goods or statistics, such as women using wonky math to justify a purchase or men overstating their height through myriad caveats.

In short, both term refers to a viral social media trend that jokes about perceived differences in terms of how boys and girls approach mathematics.

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