If you’re into blond, Brazilian boys with full lips (and booty), then you’ve probably had no problem noticing Alam Wernik. With his great body and ability to take a dick, it’s no wonder that his videos have become a favorite among a lot of people.

It’s also one of the reasons why we asked him to hang out with us during Montreal Pride. Along with fellow Adam4Adam models Matthew Camp, Stevo Trann, River Wilson, Alexa Abraxas, Cory Kane, Manila Luzon, and Arad Winwin, Alam took part in our photoshoot, participated in the Community Day, and walked in the Pride Parade.

Despite his schedule, Alam was gracious enough to answer a few questions for us. In this interview, Alam talks about how he has changed people’s perceptions of him and how he just strives to be happy and healthy every day. Read all about it below!

Adam4Adam (A4A): Who is Alam Wernik?

Alam Wernik (AW): Dreamer, big heart, shy, alone in my feels, happy, friendly. I mean it! I talk with God all the time!

A4A: Were you surprised when Dave asked you to participate in A4A photoshoot and Pride festivities?

AW: Yes! Honestly, [it] was a great production, also was my first time in Montreal! Was so much fun! Dave and everyone from Adam4Adam making me feel like at home!

A4A: What are you the most proud of right now?

AW: [I] can help my family in so many ways!

A4A: Where do you see yourself in five years? Any medium/long term goals you want to reveal?

AW: I don’t know! Just be happy and healthy!

A4A: You are an amazing hard working person and one of the sweetest man I’ve ever met, but people who see you on-screen or social media don’t know you the way I do. Does it affect you that some people have a negative misconception about who adult entertainers are?

AW: Actually yes! I have seen people leave bad comments about me before meeting me! Then they come and say “I had [a] completely different idea about your personality!”  

A4A: What is your favorite body part and why? What do you think are your fans’ favorite body part?

AW: I like my legs! I think all [the] fans like my ass! Hahaha!

A4A: You have over 1M followers on Instagram, which makes you an Instagram superstar. Is it hard to keep some sort of connection with your fans or is it easy and fun?

AW: It’s really hard [to] keep posting content on Instagram, at the same time travel, [and go to the] gym! I try my best to be close to my followers! But I have a lot [of] fun making content for social media!

A4A: Who are your inspirations or idols? 

AW: I don’t have idols! I just follow my ideas in everything.

A4A: Do you still find it “weird” when fans are coming to you and ask you for a photo?

AW: Sometimes yes! Like when I am with my mother! Haha! It’s weird! But they are always cute and respectful!

A4A: How do you balance your personal life with your professional life as you seem to be traveling a lot for DJ gigs, photoshoots and more?
Personal life? I think I don’t have one! Haha I mean everything I do I post! I like to share my life on my social media! It’s not easy to balance gym, travel, diet, DJ bookings, photoshoots and make social media content! I am still [trying to] find [a] way to do this!

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