Today, we’d like to introduce to you Stevo Trann, one of our latest photoshoot models. We saw him first on Instagram and found out he was in Montreal as well, so we invited him to work with us during Montréal Pride. In case you missed our articles, photos and videos about Montréal Pride, no worries, you can always watch everything on our Instagram “Highlights” under Pride Mtl. Simply click this link or search for @adam4adamofficial on Instagram.

With that being said, Stevo originally hails from a small town in the Laurentian Mountains called Saint-Colomban in Quebec. This Chinese-Vietnamese-Scottish had been bullied a lot and picked on at school for being different. Ironically, he was scouted by a photographer when he was about 16 for the very same reason: because his look was “different” and the rest, as they say, is history. 

Stevo has many great loves: photography, for instance and then there’s video games and music. He studied classical music and played in orchestra during high school where he learned many different instruments such as piano, trumpet, French horn, and saxophone. And yes, he sings, too!     

In our interview, Stevo talks about life, love, modeling, depression and how he turned his life around, and more! 

1- Who is Stevo Trann? What is your story?

I’m a small-town boy! I come from somewhere in the Laurentian Mountains. My mom is Caucasian and my dad is Asian, and coming from a small town, you know people were not open about “difference.” I’ve been bullied most of my childhood from being different. I liked the arts, playing with girls and hated team sports in PE.

I came out to my mom at 15yo and then moved to Montreal to be free from this racist, homophobic and close-minded town. Even though I always had my parents’ support, I felt like it was time for me to get out of there as fast as I could.

I discovered real fast what the gay scene was in Montreal. I had an older boyfriend who made me go out and go to clubs at a young age. I had a taste of drugs, alcohol, party, cheating and all that jazz for a few years, combined with school and my poor ass. I could barely afford to eat properly!

My life took a 360 turn after my last relationship. It ended so bad. I was in a dark place. Took me a few years to get back up the hill, but that’s when Stevo Trann was born. A new and better version of myself. No more unhealthy lifestyle. No more letting people take advantage of me. I’ve learned to be a boundary pusher and to strive to be better. It sounds like a sad story but it isn’t. I had to learn and I did. I’m glad this is all behind me and I am now HAPPY 🙂

2- Were you surprised when Dave asked you to be part of the Adam4Adam photoshoot and Pride festivities in Montreal? Why or why not?

I’ve been approached by a couple of companies for brand or representation during Pride and I decided to go with Dave! And I had such a blast!! The whole team was perfect! 

I was a bit surprised to be part of the cast because most of the other guys are in the porn industry. It’s not my world! But they were looking for diversity representation and I fit the casting! I am proud to represent the Asian gay community for the brand! 

I loved their approach to diversity. I’ve been bullied so much for being different. 

Today I see the pros of being different, and it’s even more fulfilling to know I can be a model and a successful figure for a community.

3- We noticed on your social media that you like fitness and sports a lot. What is your favorite and what does it bring you apart from that killer bod?

So, after my last long-term relationship, I’ve been diagnosed with depression. My doctor gave me antidepressants, which I refused to take. I read online some alternatives and it turned out sports were part of the alternatives. It legit saved my life!

I started swimming, then going to the gym. Biking, hiking, running and etc. I’ve never been a sport kinda guy, but you gotta do what you gotta do! I started Crossfit 2 years ago. I got bored with the regular gym. I needed a more social environment. I’m part of a cult now! hahaha

I’m not only working out for the appearance but mostly for the well-being, the feeling you get after a big WOD (workout of the day). Satisfaction, confidence, and healthy results. It’s addictive!

4- What are your goals for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself? Anything you are working on right now that you’d like to disclose?

I hate that question! I’m a day to day guy. Thinking too much about the future gives me anxiety! We’ll see what the future holds… I have some projects in the making, but you’ll have to be patient to discover what they are.

5- Do you consider yourself to be an outgoing person or an introvert? Why?

I consider myself to be an outgoing introvert!


I like to go out with my friends, but it always takes some mental preparation. I don’t like shallow friendships and I can’t have too many friends either. Being in touch with too many people is so difficult for me.

I love to spend some time by myself. It is really important to me. It takes some time to re-center myself and to recharge the battery. I tend to think about other people’s comfort before mine, and that one of my biggest flaw. Some might see it as positive, but sometimes it comes out to be negative for me because I don’t listen to myself.

I can be super outgoing, be chatty and be the guy at the party who brings people together, but I’m also the shy, silent, and awkward guy.

6- During our photo shoot, you were very good and at ease, striking pose after pose, with a lot of confidence. Are we right to say that you love to do photoshoots? Why?

I think it comes with the experience. I’m a shy guy, but in front of the camera, when I work, I just bring it! I’ve been modeling for 10 years now, had some time to practice some poses in the mirror.

Photoshoots are fun, depending on the crew you’re working with. (A4A crew was so nice!) But they are also super long and exhausting.

7- How do you call yourself when someone asks: “What do you do in life?” Are you an artist? A model? A creator? All of the above?

I’m a post-production technical director and a distribution director. That’s what I reply when someone asks me what I do in life!

Then comes the modeling, the content creation for brands on IG. I’m also a freelance photographer, a photo retoucher, a digital media manager, and more…But those are passions and hobbies.

I’m a passionate guy. When I do something, I do it for real!

8- What did you enjoy the most when you worked with A4A for Montreal Pride apart from meeting Dave? (just kidding)

Okay, Dave is pretty awesome! Hahaha

I enjoyed a lot meeting the other models. I used to know them from the outside (because of their work :P) and having the privilege to get to know them closer was super great. You know, the “Never judge a book by its cover?” Well, that was it! 

9- What is your life motto?

You do you. I do me.

10- What are the most important things you are looking for when you date a man? And are they the same as when you hookup?

The most important thing I’m looking for when I date is HONESTY and RESPECT.
Turns out that nobody I dated in the last 10 years met these criteria. And yes, I’ve been single for 10 years. 

I made myself busy for fighting the loneliness, but it’s been so long that I have that lifestyle that I would not drop all my things to date a guy. I need an ambitious and passionate guy. I’m picky, I know, but all this time alone made pretty clear what I am looking for.

AND… I don’t drink, don’t take drugs… Not necessarily looking for someone who doesn’t drink, but I don’t want somebody who gets drunk or party every week.
He also needs to lift more than me 😛 hahaha

I don’t really hookup. I’m just preserving myself for the right one!

There you have it, guys! The handsome, passionate, and fearless Stevo Trann for Adam4Adam and yes, he is single. Go check him out on Instagram and don’t forget to swing by @adam4adamofficial as well. You can also find Stevo on Adam4Adam app so don’t forget to download it.

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