So, you’re meeting someone for the first time at a restaurant. Someone you have been chatting with on Adam4Adam for quite a while now and you think the two of you have a connection that’s why you hope this meeting is just the first of many more to come. 

You saw him enter the door, his face lights up in recognition and he flashes you a bedimpled smile that makes your heart stutter. He waves at you and he makes his way toward you. You stand up in greeting once he reaches your table and he offers you his hand but then you get a whiff of something noxious as you shake his hand. The unpleasant smell was so strong it made you recoil from his touch inwardly. 

Body odor aside, you enjoyed his company and the feeling is mutual, seeing as he’s asking you for a second date but what do you do now? Would you accept his invitation or would you turn him down? Or would you tell him about his body odor and give the new relationship a shot? 

We are asking because we saw Pablo’s tweet on Twitter where he calls on men to brush their teeth, wash their ass and armpits, etc. when they shower. Watch the short clip below as Pablo tells his followers that the “scent of a man” is different from the “stench of a man.” 

Anyway, exactly how important is the smell of a potential partner or hookup to you? Suppose they don’t have stinky armpits or funky ass smell, would you still reject the guy because you don’t like their scent? Conversely, would you date someone because you think they smell amazing?

It is interesting to note that studies revealed how we are equipped with a human nose that can “sniff out suitable sexual partners.” According to this study, participants were “asked to sniff each bottled body odour and evaluate its pleasantness according to a set of criteria.” Its results revealed that “Gay men showed a strong preference for the body odour of other gay men in the scientific test of how the natural scent of someone’s body can contribute to the choice of a partner.”

To know more about body odors, read here.

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