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Adam4Adam blog readers, who among you here loves a hairy chest? Also, which for you guys is sexier – men with hairy chests or men with trimmed/shaved chests?  

Some gay men say they love rubbing their hands over smooth skin, others say either way is okay for them, while quite a lot said they find hairy men sexier, “very attractive,” and “more manly.” Another guy, on the other hand, said: “[It] depends on the guy and the hair. Sometimes it’s hot, sometimes it’s a mess.”

But what about you, guys? Perhaps you like both, or maybe your partner’s chest hair, or lack of it, doesn’t matter to you at all? Whichever the case is, why or why not?

We are bringing this up because reportedly, a gay Twitter user tweeted a message that reads: “hairy chests are a massive ick.” Said guy’s tweets are now protected as he made his Twitter account private after facing a very public backlash on the Twitterverse. 

Quite a lot of gay men, however, had taken his body-shaming tweet in stride and tweeted photos of themselves in various states of undress. Some of them even posted a matching hilarious caption to go with their hairy chest picture. One of the netizens named Thom, who responded regarding the issue, said: 

<br><blockquote>Honestly, after the *years* of being so ashamed of my body hair, this whole “ick” thing has me smiling.  I literally would pluck, shave, do whatever it took to be smooth (and thus acceptable by the Pretty Gays) when I came out.<br><br> 

Now? I’m a fucking gorilla and proud of it. </blockquote>

He added, “*if you like to remove your body hair, that’s awesome* (the point being YOU decide what makes YOU feel sexy – not others)”

Very well said! Anyway, we’ve gathered some of the tweets for you to enjoy, see below:

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