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Where are you from guys and is there a shortage of tops in your area? 

Before you answer that question though, just in case you live under a rock and you’re only hearing about these terms for the first time—top, bottom, vers, and side are merely sex positions during sexual intercourse. Bottom is the “receiver,” top is the “giver,” vers is actually short for versatile and is called as such because it means that the guy is willing to be either the “giver” or the “receiver” during anal sex. Side, on the other hand, is “a gay man who does not partake in anal-penetrative sex; a gay man who enjoys all aspects of intercourse with the exception of anal penetration,” according to Urban Dictionary.    

Anyway, we are bringing up this topic because we often stumble upon discussion threads that bemoan how “tops are like a rare commodity” and how it “seems like everyone is a bottom.” There was even an article in New York Magazine way back in 2003 titled “Who’s On Top” where one of the interviewees declared that “New York is a bottom town.”

Do you agree with that last statement, guys? Would you say that your town is a bottom town as well? 

Some of the respondents online begged to disagree and said that “tops aren’t rare” and that they “never had an issue finding tops.” Another one pointed out that it’s because there are a lot of “sides” now while another said, “Because through time we, as a community, are getting over these top and bottom only roles. I find more verse guys which is awesome. Embrace change!” 

Having said all that, how true is the claim that there are more tops than bottom and how true is that statement here on Adam4Adam? Do you think that these sex positions are still relevant today? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below and don’t forget to answer our survey while you are at it! And oh, did you know that you can search for tops, bottoms, versatile or anything else for free using the filters on Adam4Adam? Well now you know! Enjoy!

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