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“I don’t know if it’s just me, but I find chest hair so attractive!” a gay man recently disclosed on Reddit under username outofplace111. He added, “Especially when they’re wearing a t-shirt, and then you can see some little hairs come out at the bottom of their neck. The imagination of the rest of their chest hair gets me going lol.”

Though some of the gay men expressed preference over smooth hair, majority of the respondents seem to agree with the original poster (OP) of the thread. One of them named JMikeB said, “I love body hair, it’s always a shame when people with a lot of body hair shave it off.”

Others like user Warngumer, however, are on the fence about it: “For me, it depends on how it looks, like the pattern or how much there is or how well kept it is, some chest hair is attractive but then others I don’t like that much.” 

User Rottenox on the other hand, loves both, he said, “I’m pretty much exclusively into bears so obviously I love body hair on men. That being said, I like smooth too. Doesn’t have to be either or. I like hairy guys because they’re hairy and smooth guys because they’re smooth. Men are just hot.”

While users like lethos_AJ who have hairy chests, find it uncomfortable because it “itches, sometimes gets caught in clothing fabric and gets pulled. Overall annoying.” 

Meanwhile, a study made in 2019 revealed that 73% of gay men prefer “a man that is well groomed versus hairy.” According to the article, “well-groomed can be defined as hairy, but clippered, and shaved as well.”

A survey conducted way back in 2017 however, says differently, it showed that 58% of gay men preferred partners who have hairy chests.

That’s what some of the survey says, but what about you, guys? What do you prefer: hairy or smooth chest? Does it really have to be one or the other but not both? Why or why not?

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