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Get your hankies ready guys, Doritos Mexico released a heartwarming ad that will make you cry because don’t we all wish we had a dad or parent like this father in the commercial? 

And you know what the best part is? It’s that the advert, titled El mejor regalo or The best gift, is based on a true story.

The 2 minute and 16 seconds advertisement opens with a young man named Javier calling his dad. Javier tells his dad that he’s going home for the holidays and he’s bringing home with him a “friend” from the university named Manuel because Manuel, he says, has no one else to spend the holidays with.

And so, the pair goes home and the dad picks them up. The three of them had been spending time together often that soon, the dad notices just how close Javier and Manuel are. Too close. 

Perhaps it was the way they looked at each other, or the way they were having fun, or the way they treat each other but the dad caught on: Javier and Manuel are not just friends.

Javier’s dad then took to Reddit to ask for advice from strangers. He tells them that he is a 52-year-old divorcé whose son is gay and in a relationship with another man, that he knows this though his son is trying to be subtle about it. 

Now he is worried that they won’t tell him. The dad wants to tell the couple that “everything is fine” but he doesn’t know how to broach the subject to Javier.

With the help of the folks on Reddit, the dad realizes exactly what he must tell his son. “I wanted to talk to you,” he tells Javier by way of preamble. “I wanted to tell you that… that I love you.”

Javier replies knowingly, “What you wanted to tell me… is that you love me as I am.” 

His teary-eyed dad nods and they hug each other tightly. Watch the Doritos Mexico commercial The best gift below:

Directed by Primo Mexico’s Nico Veiga, The best gift was created by Slap Buenos Aires as part of the Doritos Mexico’s #OrgulloTodoElAño (#PrideAllYear) campaign that aims to “highlight stories from and support the LGBTQ+ community all year long.”

“We’re really proud of the accomplishments that have been achieved with Doritos Rainbow,” said Eduardo Córdoba, marketing director at Doritos Mexico, to Design Taxi in an interview. “We believe the moment is right to show that our commitment extends beyond a proud celebration every June.”

Doritos Rainbow campaign, which started in 2016, aims to support the LGBTQ+ community and their families and they reportedly “raised donations and conducted workshops that provide guidance as well as moral support to LGBTQ+ individuals.”

Happy viewing!

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