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Do you have any plans for today, guys? Are you going out with friends, an FWB, or maybe you’re going out to treat yourself? Perhaps you have a Valentine to go out with this year? And lastly, what does Valentine’s Day mean to you anyway?

For this gay man here, it’s a time for self-love, an opportunity to treat and pamper ourselves—to buy ourselves flowers and to treat ourselves to a fancy dinner. For others, on the other hand, Valentine’s Day means making time for our friends—going out to dinner with them, watching a movie, and buying half-price chocolates at Walmart together. 

Some say the occasion is all about going to see their family at this time of year and taking them out to dinner while quite a few in the thread said Valentine’s Day is about spending this important time with their partner or significant other. They say though that it’s not necessarily about going out and buying flowers, chocolates, and jewelry; but rather it’s about staying in and listening to a quiet music while having a cozy bubble bath together.  

However, there were also many out there who have a strong aversion to Valentine’s Day. It has become a commercialized event, they say, and they also hate how expensive everything gets during this day—from the flowers to the food—and how overcrowded the restaurants get. 

Personally, I think Valentine’s Day is about showing our love and affection to the people that matters to us. It is making an effort and taking the time to show that we remember them, either by simply calling them and greeting them, or sending them a DIY Valentine’s Day card, or cooking them a special meal. I know, I know, I get that we should do this for them every day, every moment, every chance that we can get. But the truth is that life happens, life gets hectic. We immerse ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the city and sometimes in the middle of chaos that is life, we forget our loved ones, our friends, our significant others, and even ourselves. It does happen. And maybe this is the reason why special occasions such as this one were invented: to remind ourselves to take the time to pause and breathe, and to appreciate the people around us—to pamper them and to make them feel special even if it’s just for a day. 

What about you, guys? What does Valentine’s Day mean to you? More importantly, do you have plans for today? Did you organize a get together with your Adam4Adam friends through our Parties and Events? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

We’re wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day, and we leave you with my favorite girl in the world, Céline Dion, and her most beautiful love songs, perfect to listen to and enjoy today. Check out Céline’s Valentine’s Day playlist here.

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