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Hey, guys! One of our loyal blog readers named MattK has a question for you. He emailed us and suggested this topic because he wanted to know if you prefer your sex partner’s body hair trimmed, shaved, or if you want him to leave it au naturel. 

MattK’s message reads, and we quote:

“At 59, and having had gay sex since I was 18, I’ve seen the body shaving/trimming trend (mostly among gay guys) evolve over the past 20 or so years and I don’t like it or understand it. OK – I do understand guys liking the hair above the cock all shaved because as I’ve heard it described, it’s “all clean.” But as a longtime married/closeted guy, I turn to gay sex because of the nature of the male body – it has hair on it, it’s grainy, it’s firm, it’s bumpy, and it’s anything but smooth (even those with naturally smooth chests)… add it all up and it turns me on. I don’t want a male body that’s shaved to make it seem more female feeling.”

But what do others say about this matter? Some say that they accept their partner just as they are so whatever it is that their partner wants to do with their body hair is fine because, you know, it’s theirs. This guy, for instance, shared that his hairy ex waxes mainly because body hair was “such a pain with clothing and sweating and warm weather.” Another one said that he prefers the natural look, the “well-groomed version” as well, but that doesn’t mean he will reject anyone who shaves or waxes. Conversely, a man said that he prefers his man to be smooth/shaven because he wants to feel his partner’s skin.

However, one respondent said that “gay men don’t generally prefer anything.” He added, “One thing that is great about gay preferences is that they are extremely varied, and unashamed about that variety.” Lastly, a respondent said that it’s not the physical characteristics that matters but what’s inside. He said, “I personally like my men with a kind heart, a good sense of humor and whatever hair that makes them happy.” He added, “Often physical characteristics lose importance in the face of engaging personal characteristics.” 

But what about you, guys? Do you prefer that your sex partner shave, trim, or leave their body hair as is? 

Thanks for your email, MattK. And if any of you dear readers have a question for the rest of our Adam4Adam users, please don’t hesitate to tell us about it in the comments section below or you may email us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear it!

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