What do you think about hairy forearms, guys?  Do you: love it, hate it, maybe you feel apathetic or feel ambivalent about it? Is it a turn on or a turn off?

We are asking because we stumbled upon this question on Reddit wherein the original poster (OP) said: 

I’m self-conscious about having visibly hairy forearms – do guys care about it?

I feel most guys I come across have hairless (looking) arms and I feel like I kind of stand out with mine, so I was wondering if guys care about that kind of stuff.

One of the respondents called BuckeyeID said, “Hairy forearms promise hairy other parts. Unless you’re prepared to shave/wax everywhere, it’s better your arms advertise to attract those who will appreciate you as you are.” While another guy, whose username is called MyReddit_Handle said, “Love me a hairy forearm! Maybe standing out a bit is a good thing. If I was surrounded by guys and only one had naturally hairy arms I’d know who I would flirt with.”

Meanwhile, moooooowk reminded the OP by saying, “You need to work through these insecurities because this is a non-issue in the real world. Men have hair, it’s not that crazy.” His response was seconded by DisGayDatGay who quipped:

Sure guys care. Are you making this out to be a problem when it isn’t one? Entirely likely.

Look, guys are going to care or not care about a lot of things about you. Hairy arms, glasses, the kind of pants you wear…don’t worry about what everyone else thinks. It’s your body. Be confident in it.

Personally, I love hairy everything on a guy and love when it is visible.

Having said all that, if you prefer smooth arms and yours are hairy and you wish to shave them, this article will show you how to do it safely. They cautioned their readers however, that if you do shave your forearms, may feel the following as a result and we quote, “skin irritation, ingrown hairs, razor burn, elbow nicks, and dry skin.”

Anyway, how do you feel about hairy forearms, guys? Do you find it attractive or not? Comment down below and share with us your thoughts and stories about all things hairy. 

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