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Some of the gay men on askgaybros are sharing the worst things they’ve ever said to their partner, or in the case of others, the worst things they’ve ever been told by their hook up right after sex. One user asked the gay community “What’s the worst thing to say right after sex?” Examples that the original poster (OP) cited included:

That’s it?

Don’t be here when I wake up.

Eh, I’ve had better.”

You should probably get tested.

One guy chimed in, “Sorry I said someone else’s name.” Ouch.

This is one of the most popular responses on the thread and it elicited a confession that reads, “This one happened to me two weeks ago… it was INCREDIBLY embarrassing because I said someone else’s name multiple times while moaning until the guy I was doing it with finally says ‘My name is David.’ The worst thing is I’ve known that guy for years he is a regular.”

Here are some of the popular responses, and we quote:

  • I’m gonna turn the camera off now.
  • Well, that sucked.
  • I better go, my wife is expecting me.
  • Was this your first time?
  • In response to the comment above: Or my actual first time, when the guy said ‘there’s no way that was your first time, you took it like a champ’
  • ‘You know you could be two inches bigger, right?’ Someone actually said that to me.
  • ‘Thanks, now I know I’m not gay.’ The gay man who shared this revealed that this “happened to a friend of mine who was exclusively into straight guys.”

Having said all that, what about you, guys? What are the worst things that’s even been said to you after sex? Conversely, what are the worst things you have ever said to your hook ups post coital?

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