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Adam4Adam users, COVID-19 continues to rage worldwide, so today we’d like to take this time to remind you to be careful and to please heed your respective government’s stay-home notice. 

Protect yourself by cleaning and sanitizing surfaces in your home as this lowers the chances of contracting COVID-19. Also, don’t forget to wash your hands with soap and water regularly as this is the most effective method to prevent the spread of coronavirus. 

If you do need to go outside for a trip to the grocery store or a checkup, remember to protect yourself by wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and by practicing social distancing. 

It’s true that many things have drastically changed because of the COVID-19 pandemic: our daily routine, our livelihoods, our sex lives among many others. 

But more and more people are also finding ways to adapt to the situation and are choosing to move forward with their lives. When it comes to their sex lives, for example, one in five people has reported to having tried new sexual activities since the beginning of the pandemic, according to this study published in Leisure Sciences as cited by PsyPost.

Justin J. Lehmiller and his colleagues said:

The widespread social restrictions put in place during the COVID-19 pandemic appear to have significantly disrupted sexual routines and the overall quality of people’s sex lives. However, even in the face of these drastic changes, it is apparent that many adults are finding creative ways to adapt their sexual lives, including in the pursuit of sex for leisure.”

Examples of these new activities that the respondents of the study have tried because of the pandemic included sexting, sending nude photos, watching pornography, having cybersex, to name a few. Still, “nearly half of the sample reported a decline in their sex life” and that “overall, both solo and partnered sexual behaviors decreased during the pandemic.”

The decline in people’s sex life is perhaps because of the stress that the coronavirus brings. Stress, according to multiple studies as mentioned in this article, is a “common libido killer.”

Some people have also chosen to practice abstinence though it doesn’t have to be that way as we can turn to sex toys for self-pleasure, or to solo masturbation as a way to release some steam. 

But if you find yourself unable to hold on any longer and you do go out there to meet someone and have sex, please be responsible; meet at your own risk! Maybe you can minimize the risk of getting infected with COVID-19 by meeting guys who you already know or are your regular sex buddies. 

Of course, practicing abstinence and social distancing are still the most effective to avoid getting infected by COVID-19 but if you’re unable to, please don’t forget to follow these precautions to lower the risk of contracting COVID-19.

Having said all that, how is your sex life, guys? Have you tried any of the new sexual activities mentioned above because of the coronavirus pandemic? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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