We are pleased to announce that Adam4Adam has more new elements and features for you to use to help make navigating your dating life with A4A much better, easier and more fun.


First, there’s the “Hashtags”. What are the words that best describe you? What are you looking for? What do you like? What are your goals here on A4A? That’s what the “Hashtags” are for. I, for example, wrote hashtags #bottom, #fitness, #dating, #longterm, #love, #friends on my own profile. To use this feature, go to Edit Profile on Adam4Adam website. On the upper right-hand column you’ll find the field for “Hashtags,” simply type on the textbox provided a word or a phrase that is important to you but don’t forget to put a hash symbol or a pound sign (#) before the word. For example, type: #friends and then click “Add a new tag #friends” to complete the process, repeat the steps as necessary. 

Of course you can now also search for hashtags using the Tag Search feature which you can find on the left-hand column of the main screen screen, it is right under the Member Search field. If you are searching for Adam4Adam users who are looking for love like you, simply type #love on the textbox provided and then press the GO button.

Last HIV/STD Test Date

Another latest addition on Adam4Adam is the Last HIV/STD Test Date which you’ll find on the same column as Hashtags when you are in the Edit Profile page. Simply click on the dropdown list and select the pertinent month, date, and year to let others know on your profile when you last got tested. 

New Grids

Still on the left-hand column of the website, you’ll notice that we also have new grids, elements taken from our mobile APP. The “Featured Members” grid, for one, showcases members that support Adam4Adam by being VIP while the “PROs” grid lists every professional members in your area, wether they are masseurs, personal trainers, realtors, etc. (Click here if you too want to advertise your business on Adam4Adam). On the other hand, the “Popular Members” grid shows the members who received the most “Smiles” in the last 24 hours. I love to spend my evening looking at this grid, it showcases most of the time the hottest guys from Adam4Adam around the world. There’s also the “New Members” grid that shows all the new A4A users in your area, a great way to be the first to welcome them on Adam4Adam and maybe be the first to suck their dicks 🥰

Lastly, you’ll find the “Health Specialist” grid which shows the list of health organizations in your vicinity as well as their profile and great information about sexual health. They can provide you with information about STDs and HIV and link you to services and resources near you. 

Adam4Adam, in partnership with various health organizations, has been working for a few years now on tools that will help you, our beloved users, know more about your sexual health. With our Health Resources feature, you will find more health-related information and services where you can get tested, gather information about PrEP and where to get it, and many other pertinent sexual health topics. 

There you have it, guys! Please make sure to go to this page and edit your profile to increase your chances of finding the right person for you based on what YOU are looking for.

You may download the Adam4Adam app here if you don’t have it yet on your mobile. A4A users who wish to support Adam4Adam and donate to help us improve our website and app, please click here. Thanks guys and have a wonderful week ahead.

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