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“I prefer masculine men.”

How true is this statement for you, guys? We are asking because a video on Twitter that asks 6 gay men whether they agree or disagree with this statement has garnered a lot of attention from the netizens. 

In the video, three of the men went to the line that says “I strongly agree,” two of them chose “somewhat agree,” and only the last participant said that they “somewhat disagree” with the statement. They were then given the chance to discuss/elaborate on their answers.

Josh, one of the guys who strongly agreed with the statement explained, “Personally, I’m a really feminine, flamboyant person, so just having that same energy with another person just doesn’t really seem attractive to me.” He added, “I want to find someone who’s like different, unique, and someone I can learn from.” 

Charlie, the other participant who also strongly agreed said, “I’m on this line because I want someone who is my equal.” He further explained, “I identify as a masculine man, therefore I think the reason I strongly agree is just because I want that equality in my relationship, as a masculine man.”

On the other hand, Ellis—the only guy who chose the “somewhat disagreed” response—reasoned, “I think yes, there’s a lot of innate attraction of what you like or you’re born with, but I think there’s a lot of social pressure that you don’t even realize is happening subconsciously of what you’re trained to like.” He added, “I do like masculine men as well and then I was kind of taking a step back, like wait, why is that? Why do I like that? Am I being kind of force-fed that?”

Lastly, Bill, who somewhat agree with the statement said and we quote, “When I was growing up, you know gay men were defined as feminine and I had a lot of feminine characteristics as a young boy.” Bill shared further, “And you know I was singled out because of that and bullied because of that but I was sort of was always drawn to people who were masculine and I don’t know if it’s because if there were people who were feminine that reminded me of parts of myself I didn’t like. I think there’s probably an aspect of that but you’re sort of attracted to what you’re attracted to. I think there’s not a lot of logic to it.”

Take a look at what the Twitterverse is saying about the video:

If it were you, how would you answer and how often do you read Masc4Masc on someone else’s profile here on Adam4Adam? I personally see it too often and I just block these guys if they come talk to me. Don’t get me wrong I don’t hate masculine guys, but if you really feel the need to write it on your profile, for me, you are not what I’m looking for and you are lacking a sense of maturity or respect that I don’t want to deal with. And what is masculinity anyways? Being tall and bearded? Muscular? Deep voice? Ah… well my dad is straight, thin, has a high voice, is he considered feminine then? Bullshit. Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below! 

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