Survey: Who is Your Celebrity Crush?

(Photo Credits: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0])

So, who is your celebrity crush? According to the gay men of Reddit, below are their top celebrity crushes that get them “all hot and bothered.”

  • Gus Kenworthy – this guy, according to a fan, is a dream
  • Chris Evans – the fan said Evans is “not only otherworldly handsome but he is also a great LGBT ally.”
  • Armie Hammer – his voice is “the sexiest sound I’ve ever heard,” says one respondent which was seconded by another. 
  • Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki – are the handsome stars of Supernatural. Often, when the other name is brought up, the other name will also come up and if you watch the show, you’d understand why. That being said, the duo’s characters Sam and Dean Winchester has inspired the steamiest fanfictions, they are also considered as one of the most popular fan slash romantic pairing online.
  • Hugh Jackman – he was described by fans as “the embodiment of manliness” and the “ultimate daddy.”

Other actors mentioned were Tom Holland, Colton Haynes, Zac Efron, Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Jamie Dornan, Sam Worthington, Mena Massoud, Antoni Porowski, Ludi Lin, Jon Batiste, and gay actor Jonathan Bennett to name a few. 

Earlier this year, Tenga released a study titled, “TENGA 2019 Self-Pleasure Report” where they surveyed over 10,000 men and women in nine countries including members of the LGBT community. Survey participants were asked which celebrities they fantasize about the most and among the names mentioned by those attracted to men were: Chris Brown, Jason Momoa, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch, Justin Bieber, Keanu Reeves and Tom Cruise, among many others. 

What about you, guys? Which celebrities or public figures are most likely to star in your sex dreams? Share with us your sexual fantasies in the comments section below!

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  1. MattK

    This guy may not “qualify” for this survey, but as an older guy who’s into younger “twink” types, I lust for the porno actor Blake Mitchell. I once chatted with him on the a4a live models chat thing and he came off as quite the “real person” type. He was talking about wanting to get into real movies or TV but is saddled with his gay porno image (and the reality is, probably nobody would hire him. But check him out – he’s incredibly hot. My only drawback if somehow given the chance to have sex with him would be, I’ve seen him in some of these fucking bareback – that’s a big no-no!

    • Richard W Hoehn

      Oh yeah. I’ve seen Blake Mitchell in some videos. Hasn’t he done some work with Helix Studios? He does have a nice “look,” and it’s good to hear about a porn performer who’s a nice guy.

      • MattK

        To Richard: Honestly, I don’t keep track of any of the gay porno studios. I just find him on the assorted free sites and his whole physique just makes me drool. This live video chat I was referring to in my initial post was really quite cool. He was talking (not typing) into the camera in response to my texts and just seemed like a dude who is trying to find his way in Hollywood, but very assertive, knows what he wants, etc. Unfortunately for him though, I have to believe his having taken the easy money in porno will scar him for life, don’t you think?

  2. Wesley

    Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jensen Ackles ….. and the list goes on and on.
    I am assuming you mean LIVING celebrity crush. Not old hollywood celebrity crush.
    That may be a topic for a future column.

  3. David

    WEAK LIST, A4A. This cine-file is not impressed! Get ready to get “blown away”…..

    judah lewis
    xavier samuel
    scott mechlowicz
    emile hirsch
    ben whishaw
    ezra miller
    Harry Lloyd
    harry hains
    Jared Padalecki
    kit harington
    Booboo Stewart
    justin long
    john robinson
    Ronen Rubinstein
    frank dillane
    liam hemsworth
    michael beck
    jack roth
    luke arnold
    Vincent Kartheiser
    Shiloh Fernandez
    dylan o’brien
    Ryan Donowho
    perri hanson
    pawel szajda
    ross francis
    jack huston
    dave franco
    wolfgang weber
    Alexander DiPersia
    Eddie Redmayne
    Diego Luna
    Brandon Heitkamp
    Nolan Gerard Funk
    ed westwick
    dominic sherwood
    luke edwards
    Jim Sturgess
    spencer treat clark
    charlie cox
    andrew garfield
    Logan Marshall-Green
    Adrian Grenier
    jeremy sisto
    jonathan brandis
    josh wiggins
    matthew lawrence
    ben barnes
    Nicholas Hoult
    eric michael cole
    paul walker
    jonah blechman
    matt barr
    Kohl Sudduth
    Colin Woodell
    Garrett Hedlund
    dylan rieder
    kelly blatz
    Johannes Holopainen
    Dylan O’Brien
    Charlie Hunnam
    Corey Pearson
    Avan Jogia
    Presley Gerber
    Rhys Wakefield
    justin chambers
    Cyrille Thouvenin
    james duval
    Douglas Booth
    Paul Luebke
    cayleb long
    Oliver Jackson-Cohen
    Dylan Schmid
    Joe Alwyn
    Blake Woodruff

  4. Marcus

    I would say justin Timberlake. Love his body and love to see him dance. Very sexy. Pro athletes would be Odell Beckham and Victor Cruz.

  5. Richard W Hoehn

    Seems like this is always coming up in polls in the Facebook groups I’m in. You know, who’s your horror movie crush? Who was your first horror movie crush? Which actor/celebrity have you crushed on? Etc. Always a fun topic for general conversation, I suppose, and I usually list some of the cute guy actors mentioned above, with the addition of Johnny Depp.

  6. Jer

    I have to say I like the majority of the guys in the list above, Chris Evans, for me personally I have a long list of boys
    What was funny before I mention any of the shows that I wish I’ve just had a question whether I was or traction or just being able to say have another guy was attractive I remember when I was a teenager I had a conversation with my dad and then for anything sexuality why has come to light I remember him saying to me it’s OK Peter say somebody’s attractive so that’s why I mentioned any of this left it’s not just about sex bitch I just find them attractive and I would say they are handsome to me
    Again my list isn’t just on sexual attraction, these are just very handsome ,sexy ,talented , I would say just nice guys- I would dare say across the board , Jonathan Groff is one of my favorites, Murray Bartlett as well As Raul Castillo who was in HBOs Looking with Jonathan Groff , I just think he’s got to be one of the nicest guys ever , handsome and just a great guy , such a voice and dancer . Talent !!
    I do admit -My eyes and head gets turned at & I like a blue eyed boys like Adam Lambert or Colton Underwood from the Bachelor
    A nurse to price it was on the show love Island on the US version of one’s name is Dylan and one other his name is Weston -two of the hottest scruffy blonde boys I’ve ever seen
    I tend to go Blue eyed ALOT in which usually they are blond -I really love love love Hot Irish
    Jamie Dornan a lot ( Such an amazing talent if you haven’t seen it yet he’s in a series called the Fall -never seen it before,Do Stream it online because it’s an incredible, he plays a serial killer But he’s so Amazing in it With Gillian Anderson from XFiles -He’s very different than him playing in Fifty Shades of Grey, )Love me them UK, Scots and Irish Boys
    I love Irish singer Dermot Kennedy , Jake McDornan( Limitless,Murphy Brown) , Leo DiCaprio (Titanic Wolf on Wall Street) , Chris Hemsworth Thor Avengers, what’s not to like ,Hot!
    Other blonds or blue eyed boys , Country singer Jason Aldean is Hot ,Cheyenne Jackson . Brad Pitt (Seven, Once upon a Time in Hollywood) , Matt Bomer( Will and Grace- Dating Will ,Magic Mike , White Collar)
    For me Brunettes like country Singer Tim McGraw, Orlando Bloom,
    I Think Matt McGorry Jack Falahee is handsome All from How To Get Away with Murder and esp Charlie Weber There’s a younger guy who was in the Fosters -The oldest brother Brandon David lambert and one of the female casts bfs in it -Wyatt -Alex Saxon -He’s freaking Hot Love his long hair Guys like back in the Late 50s 60 , Like James Dean , I love Troy Donahue So Hot .. 70s I think Ozzy Osbourne actually really nice looking mounts are singer Michael McDonald I am I do think the guys on the beach for a nice looking man I am there’s quite a few men out of different decades and different times that I find attractive and I don’t have to be sexual some of my biggest favorite time of the 80s with a lot of it in hindsight but when I look back before coming to the conclusion that 25 that I was attracted to other guys like out of the 80s like Michael Hutchence from INXS,
    I know a lot of the girls back in junior high high school that you Spohn off of the guys from Duran Duran and Mötley Crüe and Cash David Lee Roth from Van Halen Eddie Van Halen winger warrant and I would try looking back they are old are actually very nice looking guys but I think that’s not just physical attraction I have to share with a lot of people and has their talents and it’s about their demeanor there’s a lot more than the pretty package there’s got to be a lot more depth to somebody inside rather Then their physical looks it’s people like Colton Haynes from Arrow Stephen Amell ,his cousin Robbie Amell ,Grant Gustin from the Flash
    There’s a lot of Attractive people hell
    There’s a gentleman named Raja Jaffrey who used to be on Body of Proof, he’s also was on Code Black and has now been on the Enemy Within
    Irs just me but I’m not one to usually look at dark hair & other dark features but I do think he’s handsome
    Just like for a black or African descent but I do think that Kristopher St John that used to be on the Young and the Restless and I do think his costar Shemar Moore who was on their years ago As well as Criminal Minds and now S.W.A.T but for me it’s theyre great actors -yes-have great physiques but just seem like good guys , and that’s what makes them attractive
    Hell there’s even porn stars I like regardless of them in porn
    one of my favorites is Landon Conrad I find him extremely sexy
    I like Brian bonds
    I think William seed is -Hot He’s a newer porn star he’s so hot -one of my favorites is his name is Deviant Otter I believe his name is Devin Totter I really do like Colby Jansen too John Magnum , ,Jon Huntsmen, and I really like Colby Keller quite a few porn stars and again I don’t think it’s just for looks even if it’s in naughty porn -a they’re attractive men
    I look at their overall look & their overall demeanor like Jon Hamm
    I think that’s what makes somebody so much more attractive is great personality and a great smile , they donate even free time to help other or a cause -do they rescue puppies ,do they help the homeless I mean hell as I look at this list to make a mention of an Olympic Athlete Gus Kenworthy -he saved and entire doggie family and that’s attractive , shoes there’s more than just a good looking guy
    there’s quite a few swimmers and other athletes that are very nice looking people who do great things I think the thing this is is about their overall attractiveness -not just physically being attractive to me and so much more to look at who they are what they do , helping others being kind ,even when they’re famous and have wealth , it’s about ,other great qualities not just because of physical looks
    it’s what they can do their talent to their contributions because if they volunteered to donate their free time to a good charity that’s what makes some people just so much more attractive There’s a lot of good looking attractive people and to be more than that
    again I don’t look at just them just for looks I look at their talents & look at their overall if they are nice and fun , I think that’s what makes somebody so much more attractive is great personality and a great smile do they rescue puppies do they help the homeless I mean hell it sounds terrible but in my mid-40s they’re starting college and university kids that I stay on the way to a hospital here locally where I live and I share some really hot boys and they’re not famous wealthy or otherwise they just look good so sometimes it isn’t just about wealth or fame or celebrity crush I know the initial question to this as your celebrity crush but I left with you the blogger mentions quite a few I like but overall for me it’s always been about the entire person and who they are and who they can be and who they might could be to me… that’s what I find attractive celebrity or not A nurse to price it was on the show love Island on the US version of one’s name is Dylan and one other his name is Westin and I would say they’re some of the hottest of blonde boys I’ve ever seen BOYS BOYS AND SCRUFFY BOYS OH MY!!!

    • TiredOfIt

      Aranado??? Seriously? Plus he’s not even a great third baseman! A lot of his blown plays put the Crockies on the bottom of the pile in the NL-W. Plus he can’t hit anywhere but Cerrrrz Field!

  7. uncutrobbie

    I guess Im getting old but I don’t know who most of the guys on the long list above are. But I would love to get together with shemar Moore and Matt Damon

  8. Michael Sinning

    I don’t see any mention of Luke Evans…who actually bats for our team…he’s my celebrity crush…has been since Clash of the Titans.

  9. Jim

    For me there are a few. Chris Evans for sure and not just because he is a great looking guy but also because he is a good person as well. Armie Hammer is also at the top of the list but in his case it is all his looks. Henry Cavill and Hugh Jackman. Ryan Reynolds is perfection. On the tv front I always thought Matthew Perry back in the day was really cute. Old School Hollywood James Gardner was a very hot looking man. Rock Hudson when he was younger and weirdly Marlon Brando but only in Guys and Dolls. Gene Kelly was another crush.

  10. Paul Smith

    Tom Holland, Timothee Chalamet, Jamie Bell, Kodi Smit-McPhee. I love twinks Allessandro Katz and Noah Matous and Joshua Levy too.

    • MattK

      From a fellow twink luster, I’d like to take Tom Holland home with me, cuddle him up and put my mouth & tongue on every part of his adorable boy body. As for Timothee Chalamet, almost same – at least when he was in “Call me by my name.” Soooo adorable. And I often enjoy the porno actors you listed too – sounds like we have similar tastes in our boy/men…

  11. Starvoyager

    JAKE SILBERMANN. I’ve always had a crush for him and i always will.
    btw, the video where he’s wanking is super hot. I can’t believe i got to see “Noah Mayer” jerking off LOL.

    • Hunter0500

      Agreed. I just can’t get it up to swoon or fantasize about celebrities who live in the crazy media world and who I’ll never meet … or get on the workbench with.

      Further, I don’t salivate over guys who present themselves as straight. Many gays demand/want/insist on being respected and accepted for who they are, but are all to willing to disrespect straight guys and use them as mental sex toys. For me, there’s a fat level of hypocrisy in doing so.

      Don’t get me wrong. A good looking guy at work or on the street will catch my eye, but I won’t be jacking off over him.

  12. Bill

    Although not an entertainment celebrity, I think presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg is hot! Not only is he phenomenally smart, but he is ultra cute and not afraid to be open with his sexuality. I doubt he will be president this time around because of his lack of international affairs, but someday he will be.

  13. David Allen

    Where is the diversity? Idris Elba, Benjamin Bratt, Rockmond Dunbar, Michael Jai White, Nick Amaro, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Jimmy Smit, Richard Brooks, Mario Lopez, Wilmer Valderrama, Antonio Banderas. Maxwell, Pitbull, Don Omar, Victor Cruz, Neymar, Tyson Beckford, Freddie Prinze Jr, Karl Anthony Towns

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