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Hey, guys! Have you ever fantasized about having sex with men while crossdressing? 

We are asking because we read a lot about how some guys get sexually aroused from crossdressing. Some men shared that they love to wear a dress and masturbate while wearing that dress whereas others confessed how they fantasize all the time about having sex with a crossdresser who happens to be either gay, or bisexual, and yes, even with a straight guy. 

Yes, these online confessions included straight men who sleep with crossdressing men, ones who they find are “completely feminine, have little to no body hair, and are ‘passable.'” Passable is, according to this article we are quoting, “a term used when said crossdressing guys look like cisgender females.” 

But that’s not all because we’ve also read confessions of straight men who fantasize often about wearing women’s clothes and having sex with other men but only when they are crossdressing. Or how they love to cross-dress and would fantasize about having sex with another cross-dresser. We say straight because these men have sex with women, have even been in a relationship with them, and only ever fall in love with women so you can imagine their confusion about their sexuality. Often, they would ask themselves why they would fantasize about having sex with other men while crossdressing?

Some gay men on the other hand, feel ashamed about it—perhaps due to fear of judgment—so they try to hide the fact that they cross-dress from their boyfriends or practically from everyone else, really. The same reason holds other gay men back from even trying or acting out on their crossdressing fantasies because they feared that doing so would make them “feel greatly emasculated.” 

Whatever a person’s circumstance or fear is, one thing’s for sure and that’s crossdressing is a common fantasy according to a study conducted by sex researcher Justin Lehmille as cited by Anna Pulley. In fact, it is so common that crossdressing made it to the top seven most common fantasies “specifically homoeroticism and gender-bending.” 

Further, the study revealed that:

  • a fourth of the respondents, men and women alike, had fantasized about cross-dressing
  • almost a third “had fantasized about trading bodies with someone of the other sex”
  • and that “one in four men and one in six women had fantasized about sex with a crossdresser”

Pulley explained that Lehmille surveyed over 4,000 Americans of all genders and sexual orientations and published his findings on a book called “Tell Me What You Want.” Read the entire article here.

That being said, what do you think about having sex while crossdressing, guys? Is it something you’ve already tried? Maybe fantasized about? If so, we’d love to hear your stories and crossdressing fantasies in the comments section below!

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