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Adam4Adam readers, how many of you here are you attracted to cops? Do you find yourself fantasizing about having sex with them? If so, you are certainly not the only one. In fact, according to a study, people fantasize about specific uniforms most frequently: 14% of his respondents fantasized about having sex with police officers, 18% with those on military uniforms, and 9% with firefighters.

But why are gay men attracted to men in uniform? Maybe it’s the uniform itself, the air of authority they exude. Maybe it’s the threat of punishment or discipline?

The same article suggests that men in uniform often figure in people’s fantasies because “they’re often about establishing a power dynamic that people find to be arousing.” 

Anyway, one of our readers called AA said way back: 

I work as a police officer in Pittsburgh. [I] get hit on sometimes by both sexes. While I think I’m good looking, have an average body: I think the uniform attracts a lot of people.
I’ve never had a complaint though regarding sex and have people asking again.
Am always told it’s good and thick


In addition, another A4A reader named Nick revealed, “FIREMEN, I had a 6-year ‘relationship’ with a fireman. He was closeted, bi, married, loved to get fucked as often as he could. He did bring a highway patrolman for a threesome once. Nice guy, had fun, met multiple times, but NEVER in uniform.”

Meanwhile, a reader called Pete, observed, “LOL…funny how you only see fantasies about sex with cops, sex with army men, sex with athletes. You never see any posts about fantasies about hair dressers, sanitation workers or shoe salesmen. Just makes me laugh that’s all.”

Indeed, why is that? I think the explanation is quite simple and it’s that nobody would get aroused about the thought or even talk on, say, trash and about selling shoes, or you know, cutting hair. It simply doesn’t cause arousal. I mean, have you ever heard of people say, “Oh, you’re getting me hot and bothered with all your talks regarding your shoe selling techniques!”

Having said all that, are cops or men in uniform part of your sexual fantasies? Is getting “punished” by a cop one of the things that get you hot? Share with us your thoughts and your experiences with cops like the ones shared in this post in the comments section below!

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