Thanks to the pandemic, sex dolls are all the rage these days. It’s probably the reason why we have been seeing sex dolls on the news a lot lately. It’s really not that surprising though, given the social distancing on top of the stress and anxiety that COVID-19 brings.

Just recently, a Kazakhstani bodybuilder named Yuri Tolochko married his sex doll. He’s actually in a threesome relationship with his two sex dolls and he even wants to add a male love doll so his ‘throuple’ could soon become a ‘fourple.’

Tolochko is not alone in his fascination with sex dolls though, he is just more vocal about it. In fact, sex dolls sales in New York City alone are on the rise, it increased by 65% compared to 2019. NY City is followed by Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas, the report said. At the national level, the sales are also up at 25% this 2020 compared to 2019.

Globally, well, there are hotels in Asia, specifically in Taiwan and mainland China where customers can spend a night with a love doll. And get this, the number of their customers is by the thousand.

Similarly, the following countries are the most interested in sex dolls: Australia, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and the USA – or at least that’s what their Google search data says. Other countries that searches for the terms “sex dolls” include Canada, India (the country has banned sex dolls and yet they came 7th on the list), Germany, Brunei, Israel, Iceland, New Zealand, UK, France, among many others. Check the 44 countries that made it to the list here.

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