Have you ever received or tried giving a sexy or sensual massage, guys? If so, what is your hottest sensual massage story?

If you are in a relationship, giving your partner a sensual massage and vice versa is one of the best kinds of foreplay there is. It’s because with sensual massage, you get to explore each other’s bodies not just thoroughly but also in a pleasurable and healthy way. With sensual massage, you get to help your partner relieve his stress and anxiety and help put him into a relaxing sleep.

Of course, massage in general offers other benefits such as improved circulation, reduction of stress hormones, reduced muscle tension, improved skin tone, heightened mental alertness, and reduced anxiety and depression to name a few.

Not all of us, however, have the skill or a partner for that matter, to give us a sensual massage hence the existence of erotic massage salons. Here in Montréal, there are many erotic massage salons where you can pay to get ALL of your body parts massaged. Some citizens got mad when salons like this opened in their neighborhoods because it is almost like legit prostitution in plain sight. Though customers go there for a massage, but we all know what happens behind closed doors.

Personally, receiving an erotic massage is one of my favorite things, being someone who is shy and solitary, having someone touch me in those special places, it feels amazing. I even got myself the massage gel at Adam4Adam Store and I love it which is why I am offering a free bottle of the gel to everyone.

Here’s how you can get your free massage gel worth $19.99:

All that being said, do you trade erotic massage with your fuck buddies, guys? Is it something that you like, getting your erogenous zones stimulated through human touch? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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