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What is your first-time story?

Gay men share their first-time stories and experiences as a gay man asked a similar question on Reddit. He then shared, “My first time was with a hookup, but it was to this date the most casual and sensual hookup I ever had. He came into my flat and immediately started kissing me. We moved to the bedroom immediately, where I started to give him some head. We then transitioned into him fucking me until we both finished.” He added, “After that we got cleaned up, ordered some pizza and talked for a few hours. Then it was time for round two. Sadly, never met him again after that.”

Of course many took the opportunity to share their stories. One gay man replied, “My first-time story? Like a squirrel’s first leap, it was unexpected yet thrilling. We met in the digital forest, our paths crossed by chance. Our encounter was a mix of nervous excitement and exploration, marking a journey of self-discovery. It was brief, like the changing seasons, but it left a lasting warmth. We shared moments, laughter, and whispers, then parted ways, carrying the memory like a treasured nut.”

Another guy shared, “First time was with my husband. We had been together six months and were taking a weekend trip and had a really nice hotel room with a jacuzzi.” He added, “I didn’t know but he packed lube in his suitcase. We were making out naked in the hot tub. Then we got out and went to the bed, and things just started happening and before I knew it, he was fucking me senseless. I can’t think [how] it could have gone down any better. It was perfect.”

Meanwhile, another man said, “My friend fucked my ass with his huge 7.5-inch dick and it hurt like hell but now we fuck on occasion and it’s much better.”

What about you, guys? What’s your first-time story? Share it with us in the comments section down below!

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