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Some of us are either into dick pics or ass pics, while others are into chest pics. Or maybe they are into all of the above because, why not?

If you love chest pics, then you are in luck because there’s an abundance of it right now on Twitter/X thanks to this guy’s post. The original poster (OP), said: “Quote this with you(r) best chest pic of 2023 pls.”


The post has since then garnered 30.6 million views, and as of this writing, has earned thousands of shares and hundreds of comments. We’re posting some of them here, a pity we can’t post the too-sexy ones, eh?



The gay men’s reaction to the viral post shows the undeniable allure of sculpted chests within the LGBTQ+ community. When Bony to Beastly asked gay men which muscle groups they found most attractive in a 2021 survey, would you believe that majority of them answered chest (46%)? This is followed by arms (15%), legs (14%), shoulders (11%), abs (7%), and back (5%).

What about butts, you ask?

Interestingly, only a minimal 2% of respondents identified butt muscles as the most attractive. Do you agree with these findings, guys? Aren’t you a butt person, too?

Whatever the case is, we leave you with some of our favorite posts. Go have a look at the thread here and find yours.


Wishing you all a Happy Wednesday!

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