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Obviously, most of us, if not all, will answer cocks and asses, so let’s exclude these two. Having said that, with the exception of these two, which among men’s body parts is your favorite and why?

I personally love piercing blue eyes, but that comes second to men who have smiling eyes. There’s even a term for it: smize, which means to “smile with your eyes.” Reportedly, American television personality and model Tyra Banks coined the term smize way back in 2009 during America’s Next Top Model’s season 13 run.

Naturally, if I love beautiful, smiling eyes, it follows that I love an amazing smile; these are the first things that I notice from a man. I guess if we’re talking about body parts per se, then specifically I’d say it’s men’s mouth and teeth (hopefully he’s devoid of halitosis) and his smile.

Thirdly, and admittedly, I am attracted to men’s broad backs. I can’t stop staring at them, it makes me want to hug them from behind. Don’t you? I don’t know why, it’s just that men with broad backs give me the impression that they are strong, sexy, and reliable. But that’s just me. According to this article though, men who are “attracted to back like their men big, muscular, and powerful.”

Meanwhile, the article also stated that men who are attracted to a guy’s smile are “men who have a passion for life and know how to have fun. Nothing says you love living more than a great smile.” Anyway, if you’re interested in knowing the reason why you love a specific male body part, read the article in full here.

Having said all that, which of men’s body parts make you go weak at the knees and why? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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