Adam4Adam blog readers, who among you here love wearing jockstraps? For those who love wearing them, when do you wear them? Do you put it on even if you’re just at home, or is it your preferred underwear when you are going on a date or a hookup?

What about those who don’t love wearing them, do you love seeing them on others? Why or why not?

Like everything else in life, people’s opinions vary on this topic. For instance, one guy on Reddit, who grew up in a conservative background asked, “Is wearing a jockstrap to a date a bit much?” He elaborated, “It gives me a lot of sexual confidence, to be honest, but would you judge a guy as a pervert for doing this on a date? I’m from a conservative background so it feels kinda wrong to me but I’m not sure if this is rational.”

Other guys feel it doesn’t matter what underwear you wear when going on a date because “They’re only going to see it if you end up having sex with them anyway. And if you have sex, the jockstrap is pretty fucking hot. So I think you should wear it.”

On the other hand, another guy finds jockstraps hot. He also explained that just because you wear a jockstrap “it doesn’t have to mean you’re expecting to get laid.” Further, he revealed, “I wear them whenever I want. Work, errands, grocery store, home depot. Seriously, they’re fun and feel good.”

Meanwhile, one guy jokingly quipped, “Wearing underwear is indeed very promiscuous.” You can read the thread in full here.

Having said all that, if you are in the market for a pair of jockstraps or two, we have some designs on the Adam4Adam Store that might interest you:

There’s our Adam4Adam Black Sheer Jockstrap – it’s a variant of our bestselling mesh classic, except this one is mesh, with a finer fabric, on our exclusive gold band elastic band. It’s very soft and sexy and has this novelty vibe that we don’t usually find in male underwear.

We also have the Gray Adam4Adam jockstrap and White Mesh Adam4Adam Jockstrap. The latter has the same cut as our Core Signature Jockstrap. However, it has a see-through super sexy mesh fabric that reveals your package.

Show off what you are packing and wear our jockstrap with our White Mesh Adam4Adam Tank Top or our Black Mesh Adam4Adam Tank Top for a perfect ensemble. You may check the rest of the selection here and here.

Our jockstraps are available in sizes ranging from S to XXL in all styles. XXL fits guys with a waist size of up to 41 inches while small fits those with 27-29 inches, medium with 30-32 inches, large with 33-35 inches, and XL with 36-38 inches waist sizes respectively. Our mesh tank tops are also available in sizes S to XXL. They fit true to size so please buy your usual size.

Make sure to tag us on Instagram when you wear Adam4Adam, we always post the photos on our account! Follow us on Instagram at @adam4adamofficial. 

Happy shopping!

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