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Do you love sucking dick, guys? Or are you someone who hates giving blow jobs?

We are bringing this up because someone on Reddit said that they don’t understand ‘total tops.’ He said, “So, I understand tops and bottoms. I understand those that are versatile. I even understand sides. But I don’t understand guys that don’t suck dick at all.” He added, “They like to call themselves ‘total tops’ and act like it’s some badge of honor not to go down on their partner. But how can you be gay and not like dick? Anyone who’s a ‘total top’ here, care to explain?”

We did a little searching, and found that a ‘total top’ or even a ‘total bottom’ simply refers to someone—whether gay, bisexual, or queer—who “have no desire to diversify their positional preference.”

Nowhere in the definition did it say that a total top dislike sucking dick, but one of the responders of the thread chimed in, “It isn’t just the sucking dick part, it is the entire attitude of a ‘total top.’ Whenever I hear total top, I immediately think insecure.” Further, he said, “Just like these ‘alpha’ males, they are like alpha testing software, they aren’t ready for production. Too many issues.”

Do you agree with them, guys?

Anyway, one gay man responded, “Right. Why do they have a problem with this lol. It’s not ‘internalized homophobia.’ Give me a freaking break Lmao.” He explained, “Some people are into dick, others aren’t. I am, but I’m not into ass at all.”

Meanwhile, someone who doesn’t like dicks also replied to the original poster (OP), “lol speak for yourself, enough with gays making aggregated assumption, I’m not into dick at all, there’s a rare occasion where I truly find a guy super-hot and masculine and suck them off but not because I like the dick and that rarely fucking happens maybe twice if I can recall.”

When someone asked him why he does not like dick at all, he responded, “I just don’t have a sub bone in my body, I don’t find dick appealing.”

Having said all that, is it weird for a gay guy to not be attracted to the penis? Do you, like some of the gay men on the thread, dislike dicks? And do you not also suck dick? Why or why not?

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