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Have you ever experienced being a bottom, guys? If so, would you say that this statement is true, that being a bottom is tougher than being a top?

According to other gay men, yes, it is hard. But there were also those who said it’s not, and there were others who answered maybe to the original poster’s (OP) comment that reads:
“Being a bottom is tougher than being a top. Is this true? Like you can’t eat spicy food, you need to fast; you need to be clean AF before having sex etc.”

One guy in particular replied:

Yes this is absolutely true. Tops have no idea what we go through. Constantly watching your diet, constantly having to be a perfectly clean and having constant anxiety about it. Not to mention the money that some of us spend on fiber supplements. I could honestly keep going on but I’m not going to because I could be a top myself but I choose not to be.

But there are also others who said that being a top is harder. A gay man explained:

Nope. Being a bottom is a cinch. Having a clean rectum is easy. Bottoms over-douche all the time. A fiber pill with each meal or glass of water is all I ever do that’s special. Since I’m vers, I can tell you that topping involves erectile function and positioning and is way more complicated and fraught than being the target.

Meanwhile, others say both roles are challenging, just like this one guy who replied that topping is easier to prepare for than bottoming. But he explained that if the top is “actually trying to give the bottom a good experience,” he feels like that “takes certain skills.” He added, “Making sure the bottom is comfortable and not hurting them. Also not wanting to disappoint bottoms from finishing too fast. So I feel like being a great top is harder than being a good bottom. But physically bottom can be more time consuming and demanding.”

Another guy shared:

I think they are both challenging in their own ways. As a top, you have to get hard and stay hard, you have to know how to insert it so as not to cause pain and how to angle it so it hits the right spots, as a bottom, you’ve gotta make sure you’re clean inside and out and know how to properly take a dick, and you also need to participate and not be a dead fish while the top does all the work. It’s a partnership and both have challenges. For me, bottoming is definitely easier, performance anxiety isn’t gonna make my butthole not open up, all I gotta do is relax and let it happen and do my part.

What about you, guys? What do you think? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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