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What does Christmas mean to you, guys, now that we are older?

For me, Christmas is no longer about presents but rather, it’s a time for gratitude and forgiveness. More importantly, Christmas for me is also a time to remember loved ones who are no longer with us, thus, remembering and cherishing their memory should be a part of our annual Christmas celebration.

But how can we show our gratitude?

We can do it in many ways. Foremost, by giving back to LGBT organizations such as those that provide housing for homeless LGBT youth and to those that focus on the needs of runaway youths. Some of these organizations are the Ali Forney Center, National Network for Youth, and Ruth Ellis Center to name a few. You might also want to check other LGBTQ organizations like The Center for Black Equity, The Trevor Project, and the Transgender Law Center. We can also, of course, volunteer our services to LGBTQ organizations near us.

Anyway, this has been a year fraught with challenges and changes for many. Looking back, we faced a lot of things: global health issues for instance—there’s the COVID-19 pandemic and the monkeypox—not to mention the inflation and war in Ukraine. However, we faced these challenges head-on, and together, we managed to survive.

It has been our honor and pleasure to serve you all. And this coming year and beyond, we look forward to continuing to cater to your dating needs. Wherever you are in the world, and whichever way you want to celebrate this day, know that our app/website is just a tap/click away from your mobile phone/laptop and that Adam4Adam users will be with you and chat with you on this special day. So hurry and download the Adam4Adam Radar app here if you don’t have it yet on your mobile.

Having said all that, thank you so much for your love and support. Although the year 2023 will probably be equally challenging if not more, we hope that it will be full of opportunities for you, too!  

We, the Adam4Adam Team, would like to wish you and your loved ones love, peace, happiness, and good health, wherever you are in the world.

Merry Christmas!

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