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“Ask me if I’m gay without asking me if I’m gay,” says the original poster (OP) of one of the most popular threads on Reddit. The aforementioned thread garnered interesting comments and funny personal stories.

One gay man for instance, replied, “Why are you walking like that?” This particular response itself earned plenty of comments.

We did a bit of research and apparently, some people do gauge or identify a man’s sexual orientation by the way they walk. There’s even a study about it published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.

According to the study, observers are able to tell whether a man is gay or straight “at a glance.” They explained further that the “key to telling might be in the way he walks,” NBC News reports. They added, “A swing of the hips or a swaggered shoulder is enough for many casual observers to identify a man’s sexual orientation.” You can read the article in full here, if you are interested. The researchers however, cautioned readers “that snap judgment can unleash a series of stereotypes — even from the most liberal-minded.”

Anyway, going back to the original topic at hand, one respondent suggested that one way to tell a man is gay is through music. He said, “There was this time when I wanted to let a guy know that I was gay while we were in a group conversation about music, so I simply said ‘I like ABBA,’ he got it right away, so I guess music is one way to tell.” Many people agreed and even suggested singers who are popular or loved by the gay community, Kylie Minogue, for example.

Of course, there were gaymers on the thread as well. One particular guy shared that he asked someone in his local Pokémon Go group whom he knew was gay: “Hey! So are you a fairy type too?”

Further, if you find yourself browsing a shop’s underwear section, then that’s one indication also, at least according to the gay men on Reddit. One gay man quipped, “Checking out the underwear aisle again? Didn’t you get new boxers for your birthday?”

How about you, guys? How do you ask if a guy is gay without asking if he’s gay? You can browse the thread in full here to read the other gay men’s responses.

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