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Today—July 6, 2022—is International Kissing Day. You’ve heard it right, guys, there’s such a thing as that but hey, why not? Many people love kissing, I sure as hell do. But the huge question is: what about you? Additionally, how much tongue is too much for you when kissing?

For some of the gay men on Reddit, a French kiss is the only way to kiss. Although everyday kisses, they say, don’t have to be a French kiss but when they’re making out with someone else, there’s no such thing as too much (tongue). A French kiss, by the way, is:

Also known as cataglottism or a tongue kiss, is an amorous kiss in which the participants’ tongues extend to touch each other’s lips or tongue. A kiss with the tongue stimulates the partner’s lips, tongue, and mouth, which are sensitive to the touch and induce physiological sexual arousal.

But, that’s their opinion, other people prefer kissing without tongue, and that’s fine, too! And there are some who regard kissing as something that is far more intimate than having sex, and because of this, they refuse to kiss their hookup or fuckbuddies, they’re just in for the sex.

Anyway, if you’re curious about what people do to celebrate International Kissing Day, it’s simple: they do it by giving their friends and family “a loving kiss on the cheek” but with the other party’s consent, of course!

Having said all that, there are many kinds of kisses, there are “kisses of love, affection, peace, respect, and friendship.” Read more about it here.

We leave you with these questions: did you kiss someone today? More importantly, how would you rate your kissing skills?

According to a study, 32% of Americans think they are good at kissing, 28% deemed their skills great, and 23% said they were amazing, while 16% of them think they’re pretty okay. Meanwhile, 2% of the respondents think they were horrible at kissing.

If you wish to know more about kissing and International Kissing Day, click here.

Share with us your thoughts and romantic (or hilarious, even awkward) kissing stories in the comments section below!

Happy International Kissing Day!

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