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So… bulge watching, is that a thing? I’m asking because some of the gay men on Reddit are currently talking about it. It all started when one guy, the original poster (OP) of the thread, asked:

I love looking at guys’ bulges all the time! Literally my favorite past-time activity. Of course, I try not to stare, but I do seek out hot men and take several sneak peeks at their members.

Am I the only one who does this??

Also, I noticed that guys adjust themselves very often, so when I’m looking I’ve got good chances of seeing them touching themselves down there.”

Most readers revealed they do love bulge watching, like this guy in particular who confessed, “Yup that seems normal. Admittedly I’ve been watched and done some watching myself. Kinda hot to look at bulges honestly.”

But of course, not all of them are into it and there are exceptions just like this guy who responded, “I’ve never been one to notice bulges, but I seem to be in the minority among my gay friends. They’re constantly checking out guys’ crotches. So I think this is pretty normal.”

Meanwhile, another guy said, “Sometimes I find bulges more attractive that the actual penis.” To which another guy quipped humorously, “Often the idea of a thing is better than the reality.” Read the thread in full here.

Anyway, if you do find yourself bulge watching once in a while, it turns out you are not the only person who does, which means that, yes, it’s pretty normal. According to a study, men check out other men, specifically their bulge and their face. For some of them though, crotch watching “isn’t necessarily a sign of sexual attraction. They could be sizing up the competition or identifying with him.”

And it’s not just a guy thing, too. Some ladies are guilty of doing this as well. I guess the correct question is how to do this discreetly so that people won’t be creeped out. Having said all that, what about you, guys? Do you love bulge watching? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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