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I can’t count the number of times I’ve read by now how some people knew they were lesbian, gay, or bisexual even before they hit puberty. Are you one of those guys? If so, care to share your story with us below?

That being said, there were also others who, once in a while, would wonder what their sexual orientation is. They would sometimes ask themselves while growing up: am I gay, straight, or bisexual? Such is the case of this guy (original poster or OP) who took to Reddit to ask the readers there about their opinion regarding this matter. Specifically, he asked:

How did you confirm or know you were Gay or Bi?

A pretty straightforward question honestly, I’ve never been too sure myself and have no dating or sexual experience with men. Asking cause I might have feelings for a friend.

One guy gave a pretty straightforward answer, he said, “Guys turned/turn me on and girls didn’t/don’t. When it came to crushes and daydreams or sexual thoughts or curiosities it’s always been guys for me, not girls.”

In addition, one guy revealed:

I always kinda knew. I thought about ‘I wonder what it’s like’ and wanted to try. Then a gay friend of mine and his boyfriend broke up and we started spending a lot of time together. And I realized I really liked him, and I kissed him and really liked it. I threw up afterwards (like an hour or two later), not because I was grossed out, but because I was so nervous my stomach was hurting and I had a lot going through my head about what this meant and how my family would take it when I told them.

Meanwhile, this gay man’s response is short but to the point but it is also somewhat similar to the previous ones. He quipped, “I mean I just kinda knew. Girls didn’t do anything for me. Boys did. Also, this was a clue.”

You can read the entire thread here.

What about you, guys? How did you know whether or not you’re gay or bisexual? What advice would you give to men like the OP above who are unsure of their sexual orientation? Share with us your thoughts and stories by commenting down below!

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