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Finding the one is already difficult as it is, there are things like personal and societal expectations, and even unrealistic expectations, add dating online to the mix and it becomes harder.


Because it’s online, and unfortunately, some online daters do lie, or they tend to misrepresent, deceive, or give false impressions of themselves. According to a study, some online daters lie about their age, location, availability, relationship status, body/figure, financial status, and even their entire identity. As to why they lie, others find it fun, it could also be that they do it in order to scam you, or they want to hide some insecurities. Read the article in full here.

The good news is, there is such a thing as “dating red flags” that you can look out for in order to make your online dating less challenging. Take a look at our list below, some of which we learned through personal experience, some we got through an online thread.

  • People asking for money, your bank or credit card accounts, gaming cards, etc.

If someone asks for money or your bank account, it’s a scam. You’ll never see that money again, so don’t ever, ever give them some. Don’t give them your personal information like your bank or credit card accounts either. There may be some asking for your phone numbers or email account as well. There’s a reason why we created the Video and Audio Calls, and it is to make the A4A community safer for you. This means that if you use the feature, you don’t have to give them any of your private information like your phone number and your email address, you guys only need to talk within A4A. Read more about this particular feature here. If you wish to know more about how you can better protect yourself online, click here.

  • They don’t have a profile picture or they refuse to send you a picture of themselves.

This is somewhat related to the first one mentioned above. When you receive a picture of them, or when you get to talk to them through our Video and Audio Calls, you get proof of who you are talking with and it ensures that our beloved users here on A4A are real and authentic.

  • Party with Tina.

It means they want to have sex with you under the influence of crystal meth.

  • They continue to talk or bash their ex.

If they talk about their ex nonstop, then they simply aren’t over the guy yet, and they aren’t ready for a new relationship.

  • They talk about no one else but “me, myself, and I.”

Unfortunately, when a person talks about themselves all the time, or they “constantly turn the conversation toward themselves,” then they are “generally uninterested in what other people have to say.” Read more about it here.  

Having said that, please feel free to add some red flags that you can think of in the comments section below.

Happy connecting!

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