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A Redditor posed this popular question online: “What city has the best gay scene?” He then elaborated, “In your opinion, what city in the world has the best gay scene?”

One of the most liked responses reads: “I loved living in Chicago. The gay neighborhood Boystown everything gay is all centralized. You can walk to all the bars and bathhouses and leather dungeons your heart desires.”

In addition to his post, another gay man gave Chicago a nod, “Not trying to claim it’s the ‘best’ but Chicago has a solid scene. I’ve lived in several cities in the US with large gay scenes (SF, DC, NYC) and I’ll take Chicago over any of them.”

Meanwhile, someone said:

I live in NYC. It has a fine gay scene and probably the largest gay community in North America but I find Chicago and Montreal more fun, they’re a bit more wild it seems and a little less pretentious. I have no love for SF or LA scenes. In Europe I like Madrid but I’ve never Berlinned, I have a lot of friends in NYC that make the hajj to Berlin annually and love it there. I am underwhelmed by Sitges and Barcelona. Too small.

Another popular answer simply said, “It’s Berlin.” The comment garnered comments of approval from others. One of them explained why it is so, “Pornceptual is more like that. In Berlin it has numerous dance floors with good techno music, a sprawling club, and with sex scattered around but mainly in dark room.”

Has anybody on here been to Berlin? Do you agree with them?

Further, another suggested, “Barcelona, in part because they have the most beautiful men in the world.” Another gay man agreed to this comment and replied, “If you’re a single, attractive gay guy I think Barcelona must be the ideal place to live as there are so many hot tourists from all over visiting all the time. Plus, it’s a mix between the city and beach which is ideal.”

What about you, guys? What city, for you, has the best gay scene/hotspots and why? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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