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What, for you, is the sexiest smell, guys? One that you find so irresistible it drives you wild?

We’ve scoured the internet about what the other gay men think is the sexiest smell and we found one of the popular answers to be “Natural man smells, pits, crotch.”

A lot of responses on the thread were a derivative of this one. For example, and we quote:

  • “Clean ass.” We love the interaction that this comment generated, because it garnered hilarious responses owing to a curious question that said, “What smell is that?” Others quipped, “Sandalwood and regret,” and “Better than the smell of lube and regret.”
  • Crotch smell. Not dirty though.
  • The first guy I spent the night with, I woke up with my face in his left armpit and I’ve kind of imprinted on that. Clean but not recently showered man musk omg
  • Armpits and nut sack after sweating
  • Musky scent of a man’s cock, balls and pubes.

Meanwhile, a guy replied, “Some people seem to think that all body smells are body odor. Kind of annoying. Not bathing for days, that’s odor. Someone after a long day (not including sweating all day in heat) when they showered that morning, that is scent and I find it hot. Not all smells are just plain stank. Now there are some raunchy smells I do like but that’s another topic, apparently.”

Others find the smell of a cologne on a guy sexy. One guy dislikes some of the smells mentioned above. He said, “Some of these 🤢 the sexiest smell to me is if a guy wears literally any fragrance. It’s enough to know he cares how he smells.”

But not everyone finds smell sexy like this guy who said, “Personally, I’ve never found a smell to be sexy. Plenty of smells are pleasant to me though, such as the scent of the desert during and after a heavy rain.” Do you agree with him, guys?

Having said all that, a study confirmed that” the sense of smell plays a uniquely strong role in sexual motivation.”  See below:

Sensory function declines with age and may impact sexual function in older adults. Indeed, the sense of smell plays a uniquely strong role in sexual motivation. Therefore, olfactory dysfunction in older adults may be intimately linked to changes in sexual desire and satisfaction.

Anyway, what about you? What smell do you find sexy? What is your favorite scent on a man? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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