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Hey, guys! Is height relevant for you when it comes to dating or having sex? Has height ever been a problem for you when it comes to dating or hooking up? Further, must tops be taller than bottoms? Is that a requirement now? More importantly, have you ever been rejected because of your height?

We’re asking because we often stumble upon this issue wherein tall gay and bisexual men confess online about how they have been stereotyped as top only when they’re clearly bottom simply because they are, you know… tall.  For instance, on this thread, the original poster (OP) asked the readers whether or not height is really that relevant. He said:

We’ve all seen people being shamed for their height, especially guys being shamed by girls in the straight community. Then again, I’ve heard in the gay community some guys like small dudes.

What is your take on this? Do you think height is important and you have a preference that is like a MUST for dating or are you generally open to the person and don’t worry?

I’d guess most people would have a thing for taller guys as everyone has always “shamed” or compared me to others’ height because I’m small and no one really makes fun of a 6″4 guy for being tall they instantly envy him xD PS: I know this is probably super subjective to everyone’s preferences yet I’d like to see what the majority would think and what everyone’s input in this topic is.

Meanwhile, another guy asked, “Can someone please explain the obsession with height and sex positions on this sub?” He added:

I don’t get it. Seriously. Why are so many questions here premised on this myth that tops must be taller than the bottoms. I’ve been having sex with guys for over 40 years across the US and Europe and the issue of height has never come up. When did this become a thing? Please explain.

Anyway, here are some responses to these questions that I loved:


We’re the same height horizontal though…

And there’s so much more to sex than anal.

Maybe it’s a bunch of theorists wary of practical application? 😂

Further, another reader posited that the reason why height matters to others must be because of a number of several things, foremost being porn. He said:

I have my suspicions. Some of it porn, some of it poor reality discernment, and some of it too many listening to social media and not being present in the real world.

Like you height has never been an issue for me. I think porn is great but I also think the generation that’s grown up with it easy to access hasn’t been served well by it and I also think social media is filling lots of heads with bullshit and stupidity.

But what do studies say?

One study showed that there is a connection between height preferences and sexual position. Specifically, the study revealed that “Men who preferred to be ‘top’ in the dyad preferred shorter partners, whereas men who preferred to be ‘bottom’ preferred taller partners.” Read the full study here.

But what about you, guys? What is your take on this? Do you have a minimum height requirement when it comes to dating? If so, what is it? If you were top, would you not date someone, a bottom, if they were taller than you and vice versa? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section down below!

All that being said, we leave you with this short video about height and gay men:

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