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Are you out to your parents and family already, guys? If so, how did you come out to them? Lastly, are your parents homophobic?

We are bringing this up because of this viral tweet that reads:

10 years ago, my dad left highlighted bible passages on the kitchen table for me to find re: abomination, hellfire, “you shall not lie with a man,” etc.

Today, he drove my partner to work early this morning because it was raining and he didn’t want him to get wet.

The tweet naturally gained attention, not to mention that its readers were left teary-eyed. In addition, some of the netizens took the opportunity to share their own story. One of them shared:

My 92-year-old evangelical mother has experienced a similar epiphany. She now acknowledges how hard I tried to comply with the ‘clobber passages’ found in the bible (and how poorly that worked out for me), versus how good my life is now, 15 years into a same-sex marriage.

Meanwhile, another netizen revealed, and we quote, “My mother refused to go to my wedding when I married my wife 3 years ago (in May). Today she’s making her dinner. 😭”


Lastly, another guy shared, “When my mom told my dad I came out (because I couldn’t tell him) his reaction was ‘Can’t people change?’ He added, “Now when we visit my parents, he always hugs my husband first.”


Indeed, people can change, but I’m betting that the father didn’t think it would be he himself who would change and not his son. And he’s certainly not alone in that regard, in fact, another parent responded to the thread:

10 years ago I would have forced my gender-fluid son into a Christian reprogramming program. Now I am so so thankful for the beautiful soul and compassionate spirit he is, in spite of his parents. Maybe one day he’ll ask me to drive his partner to work. I’m glad for you.

Unfortunately, it takes several decades for some people to turn around, like this respondent’s father, but it’s as they say, it’s better late than never.

When I came out, Dad said ‘You can be gay or part of the family, but not both.’  I was cut out of the family for thirty-two years!  Three years ago, he invited my husband & I to Thanksgiving!  Now, he spends more time with my husband than me.  Why did we waste 32 years?

Having said all that, what about you, guys? What’s your story? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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