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Watch This: Madonna Calls for Gun Reform in “God Control” Music Video

(Photo Credits: Screengrab from Madonna’s YouTube Account)

We need to wake up!

The Queen of Pop has spoken against gun violence through her song “God Control.” Set in the ’70s, its accompanying music video was over 8 minutes long and is reminiscent of the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida that left 49 people dead and 53 others wounded. 

And in God Control, just like that fateful day, one minute people were dancing inside a nightclub happily, the next they were being gunned down and lying dead on the dancefloor. This particular graphic depiction had, naturally, drawn criticism and praise alike. Others described Madonna’s music video and the song’s message as a “powerful statement,” “heartbreaking,” “a masterpiece,” “haunting,” among many others. On the other hand, some netizens called the video “shocking,” “too much,” “rough to look at,” and “disturbing.”  

Patience Carter, one of the survivors of the Pulse nightclub shooting, said that the music video “was really hard to watch.” Because, she explained in an interview, “It was grossly accurate to what I witnessed that night.” She added, “I get that she was trying to bring awareness to gun control but I don’t think that was the right way to go about doing it. For someone like me who actually saw these images, lived through these images, to see them again, dramatized for views, I feel it was really insensitive.” 

For her part, Madonna explained that they created the video this way on purpose because, “Seeing the reality, and the brutality of things makes you wake up. This is really happening. This is what it looks like.”

Meanwhile, Perez Hilton said on his website that while Madonna could have made God Control “subtle and metaphorical,” Hilton explained that, “frankly the U.S. has a hard enough time getting the message IRL.” He added, “Some of our lawmakers need to be hit over the head with this message.”

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  1. Hunter0500

    Madonna is a “social activist”. Don’t get me wrong … most often she’s well on target with her messages.

    In this one, however, her fervor for “the cause” along with her high level of visibility have caused her to cross the lines of insensitivity and propriety. She should have chosen visual images which were not tragically painful for the families, friends, co-workers, and survivors, of any gun-related shootings.

  2. Libertarian Queer

    Poor, poor Madonna. She’s rapidly descending into the same non-relevance as Cher and trying harder and harder to maintain her relevance. Where are her songs about alcohol abuse, automobile wrecks, or all the overweight slobs who are one missed dose of insulin or a fat-clogged artery away from a death just as permanent and tragic as if they were shot with a gun? You’ll notice that I didn’t say shot BY a gun. I did that on purpose because neither guns, alcohol, automobiles, or food kill anybody until a person gets involved. People abuse all of these things and when ranked by the number of deaths caused each year any of the latter three kill far more people than guns. As an added little tid-bit, when is the last time you heard of anybody using those things other than gun for self defense? But let’s not dwell on the reality that some people really do need killing and it just so happens that those assholes get their just desserts at the hands of somebody defending themselves with a gun. No, that wouldn’t fit the obvious narrative Madonna attempts to press forward.

    Does anybody else find it strange that only a few short decades ago even children could mail order firearms and have them sent directly to their home with no questions asked yet there were no mass murders like we see today? Why is it that when I went to school we could keep a gun on our cars if we were going hunting or just target shooting after school and nobody ever got shot yet now we see mass shootings in this day and age? What has changed?

    I have seen a few things change that I believe have played a part in this. We don’t place the mentally infirm in institutions any more. Instead we let them run free on the streets. Teachers aren’t allowed to touch an errant child lest the be acused of child abuse. Even parents scarcely discipline their unruly children any more for fear of the same thing plus they’ve been brain washed into thinking the judicious application of a modicum of physical force will somehow damage the little whelps. No, nowdays it’s a medical problem and the solution is to feed them SSRI’s and other mood altering chemicals to modify their behaviors. (If you think big pharma loves the HIV just look at what kids have done for their bottom line!)

    Old LBJ created his “Great Society” with his welfare giveaway thereby destroying the black family unit that was once a thriving entity but has now been replaced by unwed baby mommas and baby daddies. Hell, it has destroyed white, brown, and yellow families, too. As a direct result of that government action and other profligate spending plus intentional monetary inflation that continues to this day, subsequent generations of all races have had to pay more and more taxes to the point where both mothers and fathers that actually stay together have to work to make ends meet and children get dumped at day care or otherwise left to their own devices.

    Our glorious media masters, which Madonna is very much a part of, has glorified death and violence in it’s programming, music, and video game industry while those overworked parents plopped their kids down in front of a TV or video game so they could have a moment’s rest. How much parental responsibility does that show? How much government and media responsibility do the results of that show?

    Chruches are becoming empty relics of a time past. Whether one believes in any paticular religion or not there is no disputing the study of religious texts can impart important life lessons upon those who take the time to read and understand them.

    While all this has been going on your corporate masters, which again your beloved media is part of, OWN your elected representatives through their campaign donations and preferential treatment in the media. They also OWN you and your wages which haven’t even begun to keep up with inflation and consumer prices. Need I mention they have sent your jobs overseas in pursuit of even more profits for themselves? I bet they say to themselves “Hey, fuck all y’all because we OWN YOU and the so just sit down, shut up, and let us run the place.” It is much easier to enslave a people who are dumb and docile that it is those who are thoughtful and willing to act in order to better themselves. Which one are you?

    The mentally challenged and morally bankrupt “liberals” have taken over the entire education system to the point where schools and colleges are no longer institutions of learning but are now institutions of leftist indoctrination which stifle every viewpoint that doesn’t fit their political narrative. They attempt to teach us that the government is best at solving all our problems. Really? So, how the fuck did we get to this point? It wasn’t this way 40 years ago.

    We see mass shootings in “gun-free zones”. We don’t see mass shootings at shooting ranges, police stations, gun shows, hunting trips, NRA conventions, or any other place for that matter where there are law abiding citizens exercizing their right to own and use firearms. Look into the personal lives of some of the mass shooters, particularly the young ones. You’ll find quite a bit of psychoactive pharmaceutical drug use. Look into the lives of those who have been in and out of jail so many times you can barely count them and see what is missing. Most likely there was no parental guidance. There are many reasons for the murderous behaviors we see nowdays and not one goddamn one of them are the guns’ fault any more than it is alcohol, cars, or food’s fault that people die because of those things. For fuck sake look at England where there was once plenty of guns and not so much murder with them but now they are practically banned. They’re killing each other with knives, vehicles, and sticks! Meanwhile, the odd elderly Englishman who held back and kept his fowling piece gets imprisoned for shooting home invaders wielding knives. Is that fucked up or what? And people want that here? It’s completely fucking insane!

    We, as American citizens, have an absolute right to defend ourselves from evildoers and guns are a damned fine tool for that purpose. That right is enshrined in the Constitution just under the right to run our mouths how we see fit. That makes it no less a right than the one before it or the ones after it. So, before you all start to try and take away my right to defend myself just know this, I’ll defend that right.

    Oh, nevermind. Stick your face back into the cell phone so you don’t strain your brain with critical thinking….

  3. robert doan

    Madonna is such a Hypocrite, She uses guns in her shows as props and blows people up during much of her opening sets in MDNA, Maybe shes too old to remember. She showing her ignorance about this now. I’ve given up on Madonna. SHE”S WAY Too Crazy!!! Her voice means nothing

  4. Dave

    I grew up in the same neighborhood with Madonna in Rochester Hills, MI. She was the neighborhood skank back then and she still is. She needs to just stfu about gun control. Every place on this planet that has given up their guns and their self protection has been, or is getting gunned down, usually by a communist government.

  5. Kirt28202

    Madonna doesn’t know anything about guns. The only thing she knows that shoots, is a penis.

    That was easy……..

  6. rockshot

    Liv-ving like relevant girl, but she is a immaterial girl.
    IM-Ma-Te-Ria-aal. Old has-been CU-Huuunt.

    Yeah and like Weinstein, she would not dream of her body guards without guns.

    • Dave

      so immature. Because someone is older, they get stupid and irrelevant?
      Such a lame comment, I can’t believe the comments here sometimes…

  7. Dave

    I’d be more impressed if she disarmed her own 24×7 private security thugs. Those who have heavily armed security and live behind gated walls seem very eager to tell those who don’t how to live.

  8. anonimatovato

    I get the message Madonna is trying to push on this music video, but the video is too damn violent and gory to watch. Ok now I’ll go back watching that mindless video with latin beats she had with hot stud Maluma.

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