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Be Legendary. Be Necessary. Be Extraordinary.

American artist, songwriter, and DJ Ultra Naté recently released an electro-pop song titled Fierce. Natécollaborated with award-winning actress, host, and transgender rights advocate Angelica Ross as well as singer, dancer, songwriter, Pose star, and LGBTQ activist Mila Jam for the aforementioned self-empowerment anthem. Naté, by the way, is the artist behind a number of singles that made it to the US Hot Dance Club Play chart such as “Show Me,” “Free,” “Desire,” “Give It All You Got,” to name a few.

Produced by Hit Factory A2 Productions, Fierce is a declaration of “unity, support and inclusion” between Black cisgender and trans women. The song also aims to call attention to the increasing number of murders and violence against Black and Latinx trans women; and to enlighten, educate, and celebrate the trans community.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, Ultra Naté said, “The LGBTQ community has been a part of my music landscape since I began making records 30 years ago.” She added, “They’ve always been strong supporters of my music. Nothing happens by coincidence, and [the song] just kind of evolved into this wonderful thing at this important moment in time politically. That’s just my energy, my spirit.”

Meanwhile, Jam told Huffington Post in a separate interview, “I think we’re at a place in time right now where there is such a high level of awareness of trans people.” Further, she said, “The next step, for me, is to incorporate that we are your friends, we are your family, we are your partners and lovers, and we are in the fabric of society. This brings it more to the forefront and to something that is so universal, which is music.”

Fierce is being released in cooperation with Project Fierce, a fundraising campaign spearheaded by Angelica Ross and Naté’s producer Anthony Preston, Huffington Post reports. Part of the song’s proceeds will go to The Sylvia Rivera Law Project, the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, and the GLAAD Transgender Media Program—all three are well-known transgender rights organizations. 

You can now download and stream Fierce by Ultra Naté and Angelica Ross featuring Mila Jam here and here. Enjoy!

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