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If you were outrage earlier this month by the plan to hold a straight pride parade, prepare to feel that outrage once again as the application submitted to city offcials has been approved.

As reported by, the city has approved the group Super Happy Fun America’ public event application, meaning they can host a parade on August 31 from noon to 3 p.m.

The group is hailing the decision as “a seminal moment in the history of civil rights in America.”

John Hugo, president of Super Happy Fun America, wrote this on the group’s website: “We would like to congratulate the City for embracing progress and recognizing the rights of straights. The parade will be a seminal moment in the history of civil rights in America. All are welcome, both straights and allies, to join us in celebrating the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community.”

Hugo also said that straight people are “an oppressed majority.”

“We will fight for the right of straights everywhere to express pride in themselves without fear of judgement and hate. The day will come when straights will finally be included as equals among all of the other orientations,” he writes on the group’s website.

As the Adam4Adam blog has written before, the Super Fun Happy America group is only made up of four members:  its president, John Hugo; vice president, Mark Sahady; “gay ambassador” Chris Bartley, and Anthony Tamagna, who handles media relations. Sahady had previously said the straight pride parade is “meant to poke fun at the ‘identity politics’ of the political left.”

The straight pride parade now only needs two more approvals: one from the police department and one from the licensing board so that they can receive a parade permit and an entertainment license.

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