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News: Application For Boston’s Straight Pride Parade Approved

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If you were outrage earlier this month by the plan to hold a straight pride parade, prepare to feel that outrage once again as the application submitted to city offcials has been approved.

As reported by, the city has approved the group Super Happy Fun America’ public event application, meaning they can host a parade on August 31 from noon to 3 p.m.

The group is hailing the decision as “a seminal moment in the history of civil rights in America.”

John Hugo, president of Super Happy Fun America, wrote this on the group’s website: “We would like to congratulate the City for embracing progress and recognizing the rights of straights. The parade will be a seminal moment in the history of civil rights in America. All are welcome, both straights and allies, to join us in celebrating the diverse history, culture, and contributions of the straight community.”

Hugo also said that straight people are “an oppressed majority.”

“We will fight for the right of straights everywhere to express pride in themselves without fear of judgement and hate. The day will come when straights will finally be included as equals among all of the other orientations,” he writes on the group’s website.

As the Adam4Adam blog has written before, the Super Fun Happy America group is only made up of four members:  its president, John Hugo; vice president, Mark Sahady; “gay ambassador” Chris Bartley, and Anthony Tamagna, who handles media relations. Sahady had previously said the straight pride parade is “meant to poke fun at the ‘identity politics’ of the political left.”

The straight pride parade now only needs two more approvals: one from the police department and one from the licensing board so that they can receive a parade permit and an entertainment license.

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  1. juan

    Good for them! this is a free country, you can do it whatever you want as long you can be a tolerant person. You want to be outrage? how about that Iran they kill gay people or in Chechnya.

  2. Matt

    If you’re a truly tolerant person, you support this 100%. If you’re intolerant, then that is just hatred and bigotry coming from you toward people you dislike ONLY because they think differently than you do. To be against a straight pride parade is to be a hypocrite because you DEMAND that people who think differently than you do to tolerate you unconditionally.

  3. Nathan

    Nathan writes:

    Now, we will understand the meaning of “Pandora’s Box”?

    Once the lid is opened, it ever-increasingly continues to open, until it is fully opened. In the interim, all the crap spews out and then, finally, “Hope” appears.

    When you “Anthropomorphize” Gay, you “Anthropomorphize” Straight; You cannot recognize Gay and disavow Straight.

    Things do not happen in a vacuum…!

  4. Andrés

    Honestly I don’t feel outraged. This is just a click bait headline to go stir the pot and put straight people against the LGBTQ community when straight people and have been on our side for so many years. I don’t see anything wrong with straight people celebrating their pride for being straight. We have a whole month for PRIDE and we want to be outraged? Gtfoh!!! This makes the LGBTQ community look like we get offended by everything. I see nothing that screams this is homophobic, transphobic, or anything like that. Get some tougher skin and stop being offended by everything.

  5. Sonny

    This is a joke. Gays have been oppressed for years and even til this day and age. Gays have pride fest to be proud of who they are regardless of those who hate us. No one hate atr8 ppl and str8 ppl and they are free to be themselves any and everywhere without bashing or ridicule. This is almost a slap im the face and a laughing matter for nongays.

  6. Phil

    I can’t imagine why a str8 pride parade woud offend the gay community since they claim to be the most tolerant and accepting of all different sexual orientations. What a bunch of hypocrites! Its nice to see someone standing up against all this idiotic political correctness and liberal progressivism that’s ruining our nation’s values and traditions. Four more yrs of Trump!! Hooray for conservatives!

  7. Jonathan

    We give kids diplomas from preschool and kindergarten as well as medals just for showing up so why should straight people be any different? There is no reason why they should be denied a parade since everyone is entitled now.

  8. Ronald D Finley

    I think a straight pride event is ok as long as it is not a hate event. We welcome straight people to our events with love for all. As long as they share a love event they should be proud that they are straight.

  9. Jeffrey

    Why get upset or cause hate, discontent and drama?
    We can’t have equal rights if we deny others of theirs. It pride month. Let them be proud of who they are. Is being straight something bad?
    Are straight people the “an oppressed majority.”? Maybe so. We want to force them to except who we are to the extend of pushing it to the supreme court. Taking their rights away.
    There will always be someone that does not like the lgbt community. By making a big deal over a straight parade just adds to the hate they have. Let them have their parade, line the streets in support and party right beside them. They are people just like us. Ending the hate has to start somewhere.

  10. Arturo Aguilar

    finally someone had the balls to do a straight parade. im certain it wont be any different than gay pride, a bunch of dumb drunks during the day enclosed by a square fence. good going straight people if gays can make up their own whatever, they get approved, because god forbid a gay person gets denied anything. oh btw i myself am not gay i just only have sex with guys

    • JJ

      You’re not gay you just only have sex with guys lol! That’s what gay is dude. It’s not a lifestlye or liking musicals. You are such a self hating cliche. Get therapy.

  11. Private

    Outraged? Absolutely not. Bizarre double standards you’re showing here. Let them have their parade/protest/whatever.

  12. Marko

    “Outrage”? I’m supposed to feel outrage? I’m being told to feel outrage?
    Imitation is after all the sincerest form of flattery.
    Seriously Dave, given all of the world problems, your a total fucktard if this is what passionately bothers you in life.

  13. anonimatovato

    I swear the US is looking more dumb by the minute. Straight people are not oppressed in any way, shape or form. That whole parade looks like it was created by an online troll. They couldn’t even call it straight pride parade, they even have to put a stupid troll like title for it cus they knew they would get backlash. Most Lbgt are not after straight people and couples. Stop promoting that stereotype. And once again, making people from the far right look like they outta their minds as usual. They are really stereotyping all straights as butt hurt backwards thinking alt right conservatives. Does it upsets them so much we have gain the right to marry that much? they can’t even get their straight marriages right with the amount of divorce!

  14. Kevin

    Why should I be outraged by this? Everyone SHOULD be able to freely celebrate their identity, even if we don’t all understand it or deem it necessary. Sure, “straight pride” seems like a petty tit for tat thing IMO, but tit for tat seems to be the general mentality of this country these days. However, none of this even remotely bothers me. Hope they enjoy themselves.

  15. Richard W Hoehn

    Oh sure. Why not? Straights have a parade for every damned thing else. But straights are oppressed? Is that like Christians being oppressed? I think that’s bogus. Otherwise, enjoy the parade.

  16. bjjj

    How ridiculous. Goes right along with the ridiculous white supremacy movement. Were all equal, If a person prefers to be straight, gay or bi that is their choice. Respect is what people need to learn. I support people in general, help them out, and it doesn’t matter to me about their sexual orientation, race, or what country their from or what language they speak.

  17. farmdude61

    well it’s a free America, so who ever wants to enjoy a day to express themselves it’s their rights. It does say every one can join them on the parade, so if str8 and LGBT show their unity so let it be. We can’t be here if their are no str8 people Right?

  18. nh_joe

    Until this last week when I watched the PBS program on the Stonewall Uprising and the subsequent first Gay Pride parade, I had no idea what the Gay Pride parade was all about.

    I am not yet sure I understand what Gay Pride is all about 50 years later. However, the concept of a ‘straight pride parade’ is even more foreign and shows the ignorance of it’s supporters and organizers.

    I cannot begin to express the depths of my disappointment!

  19. Jon bL

    A heterosexual parade does not bother me but I think it’s pointless. The group that’s starting the parade are men only and their cause for it is absolutely nonsense. I think their real reasons for their parade is just a silly tease, an event or “holiday” to drink and to have half naked women parading down the street. I wonder if they’ll allow gays in their parade

  20. Bill

    The worst thing anyone could do is express outrage, and object. Otherwise it plays right into their hands of saying they are oppressed. The best reaction would be a shoulder shrug. Who cares … let them have a parade if they want to, it’s their right.

  21. Lamar

    This whole country, minute by minute, day to day, is just sinking, further and further into the abyss of mental illness. It’s like no one knows, exactly, how to proceed with being an American, let alone, what a truly “good American” respecting, their fellow Americans, what that means.

    This would be like white people complaining about experiencing racism, you know, how stupid that would be, well, ok, who started that, then?

    How, are hetero’s being discriminated against? I think Hugo’s ridiculous, “poking fun/joking” about “identity politics” really isn’t a joke, that’s like joking about some of the most severe
    cases of institutional racism/sexism; the emotional cost, nothing to laugh at.

    Even mentioning civil rights, within this context, is abhorrent, gay people are, primarily, conceived, given birth to, raised-reared by heterosexuals, gratefully, too.

    I don’t think we’re at a point, to be joking about who deserves more civil rights, I think this just diminishes everyone, in some ways they’d be lowering themselves.

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