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Hey, guys! For sure, some of you here on the A4A blog have low or no interest in or zero desire for any type of sexual activity, but for those who do love having sex, what are the things that you hate about it?

We read quite a bit on what some gay men think about this matter, and here is more or less a précis of some of the popular answers we gathered online:

  • Cleaning – they are talking about the effort of having to clean and prepare before sex, and the anxiety that comes with it: are they clean enough? Will there be ‘accidents’ during sex? And then there’s also the clean-up after, especially if indeed, there had been an ‘accident.’
  • Teeth – when you are receiving a blowjob and his teeth come with it. Of course, they’ll hate it because it’s painful.
  • Performance – they say some men think they are delivering a performance, or worse, that they “want to have sex like pornstars,” that sex has to be like the ones we see in porn.
  • Hygiene – lack of personal hygiene is a huge turn-off. There won’t be any kissing when he has halitosis, and what about if both their dick and hole are smelly? Then rimming and blowjob will both be off the table. Truth is, they may as well forget about sex altogether if this is the case.  
  • Workout – some guys hate it when sex feels like working out. Worse, when the sex positions are so acrobatic that it’s not simply challenging but they feel like they are going to break a bone or two in the process.
  • Moaning – two things have been mentioned when it comes to moaning: fake moans, and complete silence. The former, they say, is annoying while the lack of it is creepy. Personally, I get anxious and worried when my partner is totally silent, same when I hear fake moans emanating from him. Whether they are silent or are faking their moans, they give the idea that they not enjoying the act.

Having said all that, what about you, guys? What are the things you hate about sex? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below!

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