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Can height, or lack of it, be a dealbreaker for you? Why or why not?

We stumbled upon a thread online wherein a guy (he’s a top) confessed that when he put his real height on his dating profile, which is 5’6,” he doesn’t get many messages. When he altered his height to 6’2,” however, all that changed and he started receiving more messages. He now asks, is height a dealbreaker for you?

A particular respondent said, “I find short guys irresistibly sexy. Please don’t change your height.” While another answered, “I didn’t think this was a thing.” 

However, one user noted that although netizens in general will tell you that they “don’t really care about your height, if you go bare, dick size, ethnicity, etc., but in reality people actually do have strong preferences for these things in real life.” One respondent explained that this happens because, and we quote: “people here are often more concerned with making someone feel good than telling them the truth.”

Meanwhile, there’s a separate thread asking bottoms looking for a relationship if height mattered to them. One guy replied, “I’m on the tall side and have bottomed for a majority of shorter guys. Makes no difference when I’m bent over lol.” 

Another guy, on the other hand, said, “So, harsh topic but yes and no. I am 5’9,” I do like someone around my height, probably couldn’t do very short, and much prefer taller.” He added, “Just me though.”

Having said all that, does height matter to you? Do you only date someone who has the same height as you? Would you or would you not date someone who is taller or smaller than you are? Why or why not? Share with us your thoughts and stories in the comments section below.

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