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Does social media affect your dating life and if so, how?

We are bringing this up because we stumbled upon this thread on askgaybros about a couple of guys in a bar who were presumably overheard talking by the original poster (OP) about dating. The OP shared that he heard one of the guys say, “Yeah, he’s cute and we get along and all, but he has less than a thousand followers on Instagram so I don’t think I’m gonna go for him.” The other guy is said to have responded, “Oh yeah, that’s way too low!”

A few months ago, we talked about first date deal breakers but no one mentioned anything about social media at all. In fact, according to Adam4Adam readers, the kind of guys they dislike are those who are: racist, always on the cellphone while they are in the middle of a date, have poor hygiene, and body odor. They also won’t go on a second date with a guy who they have had a political disagreement and religious arguments with while others say rudeness to anyone such as the wait staff and service people is a huge no-no for them among many others.  

Anyway, one of the respondents on the thread admitted that he posts “thirst trap pics on Instagram” and he sees “nothing wrong with it” but that he would never “use a social media following as a measure of someone’s worth.” Another said that he had been rejected as well for not having a Facebook account. He said that if it were for “safety thing” then he would have understood because these days, people equate not having Facebook to someone who “must be either completely fake or trying to hide something.” But he said that although he wasn’t on Facebook, he was on Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Tumblr, Google+ etc. but still, he got shot down.

On the other hand, quite a number of them said that if you’ve been rejected because you don’t have a Snapchat, it’s not for the reason you think. The Redditors explained, “You’ve been ignored because they thought you were fake. People use Snapchat to authenticate profiles.”

That being said, I think we all have deal breakers, but is social media on your list? More importantly, how is social media changing or affecting your dating life and what are your dating rules now that we are in the social media age? Sound off in the comments section below.

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