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Princes and fairy tales – who, pray tell, doesn’t love those? And what about a gay fairy tale?

Whether you do, or you don’t (love them), we think you’d be interested in watching Young Royals. It’s a new show on Netflix about Sweden’s youngest prince named Wilhelm (played by actor Edvin Ryding). 

At the start of the show, Wilhelm was sent off to a boarding school following a very public scandal at a party in a nightclub that involved a good deal of fisticuffs. Somebody recorded the fight and Wilhelm’s scuffle video soon circulated on social media.

The next thing Wilhelm knew, he was being carted off to Hillerska Boarding School. Supposedly, it’s a prestigious school where many royals were educated including his elder brother, Crown Prince Erik (played by actor Ivar Forsling). He was given a pep talk, too, he was told about how they have a name to uphold and how it was a mistake to send him to a public school and allow him to live a normal life.

At Hillerska, Wilhelm found himself being drawn to another student name Simon (played by singer/actor Omar Rudberg). Simon is a scholar, choir member, fellow first year, and a non-resident student. He is openly gay, too, as opposed to Wilhelm who seems to only be at the beginning of his journey towards discovering his sexuality.

I have only watched the first episode so far but it’s not hard to deduce that the young lovers will be facing several tremendous obstacles. For one, they are both men; secondly, Wilhelm is a royalty while Simon is a commoner; and then there’s the watchful eye of his second cousin August (Malte Gårdinger), a senior at Hillerska. Indeed, how is the young couple going to surmount these obstacles? 

Young Royals is an LGBTQ romance and a coming-of-age drama created by Lisa Ambjörn, Lars Beckung, and Camilla Holter. Other stars included Frida Argento who played the character Sara, Simon’s sister who is also a scholar at Hillerska; Nikita Uggla as Felice, another student, an ambitious one who dreams of marrying a royalty one day. Then there’s Pernilla August who plays the role of Queen Kristina of Sweden; Nathalie Varli as Madison; and Carmen Gloria Pérez as Linda to name a few.

You can now view the first season of Young Royals on Netflix.

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