(Photo Credits: Twitter Screenshot from @Gaaviiii)

A gay man named Adrian took to social media to share an appreciation post for his straight best friend, Hector. Captioned with, “straight boys take notes,” the aforementioned post has now gone viral, perhaps owing to the touching video that goes with it as it shows a collage of the two guys’ photos and media clips spending good times together, unafraid of showing affection for each other. 

The text in the video says that many people including their closest friends thought they were dating. Adrian says, “He’s my best straight boy-friend. I want to show how much I appreciate him for his fluid boldness to not giving a F*CK. He wasn’t scared to show that str8 guys can be as if not even more fem than gays.” Adrian added, “He broke every straight stereotype.”

Further, Adrian said that Hector’s dating life was “not the best” because “every girl thought he was gay or dating me.” Worse, Adrian shared that Hector was “harassed and questioned about his sexuality all the time.” He explained that Hector, however, didn’t care as “he was on a quest to make sure that gays felt safe and in comfort with their own skin.” 

Adrian ended his tribute by saying, “Hector, you mean so much to me, I love you bro.” Watch the short clip below:

Of course, some of the tweeps over at Twitter took the opportunity to share either their own stories or their own thoughts on the matter:

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