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What’s your type, guys? Are you more into intellectual guys or would you say that you are more into looks? But wait, what about if the guy has both? Like Pete Buttigieg, for example.

We may know Pete as this brilliant person who attended Harvard University (and a magna cum laude graduate at that), a Rhodes Scholar and an Oxford graduate, someone who speaks several languages (yep, he is actually a polyglot and is conversant in several languages such as English, French, Spanish, Italian, Maltese, and he confesses his Arabic and Dari are a bit rusty though he could “still read newspaper in Norwegian but only slowly),” and a man of musical talents who could play the piano and the guitar. Indeed, he is a man of many talents, but did you know that it’s actually Pete Buttigieg’s looks that’s currently breaking the Internet?   

You’ve heard it right, guys! Netizens can’t seem to get enough of Pete—and his photos where he can be seen sporting a stache—are currently making the rounds on the Internet. Some of his bearded photos seemed to have been taken way back when he was still deployed to Afghanistan. Take a look at what the netizens are saying below: 

Pete Buttigieg is a candidate for the Democratic nomination in the 2020 United States presidential election and is a former mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He recently appeared at The Ellen Show and got candid in a game of “Candidly Candid Candidate.”

So, what do you think guys? Do you agree with the netizens that Pete Buttigieg is hot? We certainly do! Share with us your thoughts on the comment section below and don’t forget to follow our Facebook account, Twitter, and A4A Instagram account for more hotties!

May you have a wonderful weekend ahead, cheers!

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